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Teens Handbook

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A trusty way to attain adulthood.

In our daily life, the use of common sense is highly required for sensible decisions but common sense loses its effectiveness, if it lacks moral sense. – UCHE IGWE

“A fool does not care whether he understands a thing or not; all he wants to do is to show how clever he is”.


2 reviews for Teens Handbook

  1. Joan

    Lovely piece, Am glad that most teens will get to understand that being a teen is a “JOURNEY” A journey of becoming his / her best self. And that helicopter parenting is a NO! NO! For today’s teen.

  2. Uche

    The book is what we need now. It will give insight to today’s teenager that being a teen is a JOURNEY to become your best self then an insight to parents inorder to prepare his/her teen for the world they will grow up in and not the one for the world we want them to grow up in.

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