I know some of you will be asking back, why shouldn’t I have sex. Why should l listen to your sermon, when I have something in my mind that I feel cool with, why should I wait or abstain.

Yeah! Having sex may seem cool, especially when you are a teen, you would love to fit in with friends but such action comes with risks and consequences.

Having sex as a teen or out of commitment, non-marital sex partners always leads to a wide variety of negativity in life matters. You may not be prepared to deal with the potential emotional, social and behavioural consequences.

Here are some of the consequences…

YOU CAN DAMAGE YOUR IMAGE÷ Getting your image damaged is applicable to both boys and girls. This include how you feel about yourself or how people feel about you. To the girl, you might become a town bicycle(loose girl), everyone has had a ride. While the boy has asked almost all the girls out (Skirt chaser). Teen age is the time the hormones are stimulating, building up, so if you are unable to build your self control now, you might loose it for life. You can easily fall for sexual activities even when you are not pressurised.

YOU CAN CARELESSLY LOOSE YOUR VIRGINITY ÷ Closing your legs tight and being able to control your sexual urge will not only be one of the best gifts you can give to your spouse but also to yourself. It will prevent you from getting depressed, frustrated and distracted. I used to feel very disappointed when I counsel teens who are depressed, at this tender age, they are fade up with life. And I noticed that most of them started experiencing life so fast. How can you imagine giving up your virginity to the wrong person , at the wrong time and finally find out that you were used and dumped?


Many people are treating one disease or the other in pains and difficulties simply because they were not cautious. You will agree with me that the rate people engage themselves in fornication nowadays is alarming , even some are now seeing it as norm ” Nah normal thing” and they suffer it directly or indirectly. It only takes having sex with infected partner to get yourself infected. And having sexual intercourse with more than one person increases the risks. You might say what about condoms? The usage of condoms can only reduce the chances but cant prevent it completely. As Russian Roulette once said, “you will have a bullet in that chamber and eventually you could get it”. The question is, how sure are you that your partner does not have any other partner except you?

YOU CAN END UP WITH A POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST÷ How will you feel as a girl if you get abandoned by your so called boyfriend and that of your family at this critical time of your life. Do you know the kind of emotional trauma you will pass through simply because you were not smart enough to decode the outcome of todays activities. Enjoy your carefree teen age and live the matters that concern adults, for the sake of your own sanity.

YOU MIGHT RAISE A CHILD ALL BY YOURSELF ÷ To raise a child is not an easy task and to raise a responsible one takes a responsible mother or father to achieve such goal. Why would you agree to put yourself in such state when you can easily have the best, life can offer. Dropping an innocent child along the road, dustbin side, or killing them when they have never bargained with you to bring them to the world is indeed a wicked act.

YOU MAY END UP INFERTILE ÷ Yes! I know there are different ways to play smart and prevent yourself from getting pregnant but the question is how healthy are such decisions? We often forget that the rightful way to attain adulthood can never be outdated. We claim we are smart today and sings had I known tomorrow.

YOU MIGHT FACE CHALLENGES YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND ÷ Sex is not just about stripping off clothes. Nope! there are more to it. You might not be able to dictate how healthy, spiritual or responsible your partner is. These matter can give you issues after a few minutes of pleasure.

YOU MIGHT EXPERIENCE HEARTBREAK ÷ Heartbreak which can be referred to as a breakup of a romantic relationship is one of the most traumatic event ever, especially if he or she were your first love. Research has proven it that breakups are the leading cause of psychological distress, and a major cause of suicide among young people.

Teens are immature, they can’t differentiate between true love and infatuation. Protect yourself by protecting your sanity…

Abstinence is still the key, for the sake of your sanity.