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#1 LUST OF THE FLESH (1 Jh 2:16 Amplified)

Use courtship to build and nurture friendship, communication and enduring qualities like godly character, virtue, integrity and compatibility. Do not indulge in premarital sex and sexual pleasure, forgetting that casual sex will result in a casual relationship.

#2 LUST OF THE EYES (Mathew 5:29)

The Amplified Bible describes this as “greedy longings of the mind” when a young man marries a lady, without really caring for her just because she is from a rich background or vice versa. All THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD It is important to make the right God – given decisions.


The Amplified Bible describes this as “assurance in one’s own resources or in the stability of earthly things”. They have a false and inflated idea of their own importance. They want someone who has attributes that will enhance what they have. They are not interested in giving or contributing to another person’s life.


– Satisfy your sexual desires legally

– cook your food

– take care of his parents

– take care of his siblings

– take care of his children

– help him get the business connections he needs, and

– be a beauty queen he can parade among his friends.


– Satisfy her sexual desires legally.

– have financial security

-Provide for her parents financially

– provide for her siblings

– improve herself educationally

– provide material needs such as clothes, jewelry and cars

– go on vacations to foreign countries.

This reflects selfish motives and desires, not love. You are interested in making yourself happy, not thinking about being a blessing to someone else.


Don’t be pressurized. Your time will come too and it will be glorious, with no regrets.


Time reveals true motives.


It is sad and very serious. Don’t be disobedient to God’s word in choosing a spouse, you cannot blame God for the consequences that your choice brings. You have to bear the responsibility for your own disobedience.


What do you think of yourself? How would you describe yourself to someone if you were being objective? The picture you have of yourself is crucial to your choice of a partner, because we attract people who feed off what we think of ourselves. When you think you are a failure, you will attract people who will reinforce that idea in your mind.

Who you are with, determines who you are. Who you are determines who you will be with, and how you are treated. See yourself as God sees you. You are a pearl of great price(Mal 3:17).


Blessing Okoro is a relationship and mental expert, an intellectual entertainer. Who is the CEO of Break or make up Therapy Lounge. She discussed a very interesting topic that are really affecting men and women negatively in their marriages and relationships.

Firstly she alerted that an insecure person is a toxic person who does not believe in himself let alone in another person.They are simply waiting for you to fall a victim to what they are thinking, so that they will be happy and use that against you.

Insecure person does not like a strong person because their mission is just to bring you down. So if you are strong, they will apply another method and make sure that they trouble your life. They are like witch crafts (modern day witchcraft). They just want to make you miserable.

Here are 5 signs that shows he / she is insecure

– They do not trust you. They are not sure about you. You are always a suspect because whatever you do is suspicious to them even when you are doing the best and right things.

-They will make life uncomfortable and miserable. You will never be at rest because it’s from one quarrel to another. If you didn’t pick your calls on time,(trouble) if you finally pick and sound dull, you are doing something bad. Always digging to get a fault inorder to condemn you or agree to what they assume.

They will turn you to a professional liar. It is not that you are a liar or loves to lie. It is simply that they do not like the truth and you dont want drama either. When you tell the truth, you are lieing. So you have to create a lie that can sound truthful to his or her ear. You got to explain in many ways.You can’t tell such person that you were not with your phone when he or she called, they expect you to wear the phone as pendant wherever you go. Whether you pick or didn’t pick, there must be an interpretation. They interprete everything.

They will always tense you up. You will always get angry and insults. You shout to defend yourself. Especially if you are a decent one . They dont believe that you can be faithful especially if you are pretty. They don’t listen, they can only hear. Most times you will prefer staying all by yourself.

They are insatiable. They cant be satisfied. They form FBI, POLICE, spying every where, finding and digging for something, telling friends and family to watch your movements. They always love to check your phone. They just didn’t believe in themselves, so they cant give what they do not have.

In conclusion, she said that it is insecurity in relationships and marriages that gives birth to Domestic violence, Verbal abuse, trolls and Mental disabilities. .


Age does not necessarily mean wisdom, but you can’t help but learn a thing or two along the way(especially if you spend your time writing and researching about facts).

Life is too short to waste on iffy/unserious man. Stop making excuses for men. Adopt the “he/she is just not that into you”. Philosophy that says if he is interested, he will be interested. Don’t kid yourself.

Bad boys/girls are mostly idiots who happen to be good looking enough to get away with bad behaviour. Fun.

Nice ones aren’t boring. Don’t mistake drama for love. Rollercoaster high and low aren’t passion, they are sign of incompatibility. Calm is cool.

Jealousy won’t stop people from cheating on you or leaving you, it encourages it. Who wants to live with someone who is always suspicious of their every move. So annoying.

Stop expecting love to look like what you thought it would look like. Who you end up with will probably look and be nothing less like what you imagined. Give people a chance. The package might be different or totally different from the content .

His relationship with his mother will tell you most of what you need to know. If they get on well and he has cut the apron strings, it is looking good. But if it is a messy mix of hatred, resentment and co-dependence, get out of there because you are not going to be invited in or treated better.

Relationship aren’t EVERYTHING. You don’t just get love only from a partner. Close friendships, family, pets, career, books, box-sets,travel, food and wine all give us pleasure.

LOVE💞 isn’t enough. You also need good communication skills, empathy, a desire for it to work and the flexibility to mould yourself around each other for love to work long term.

If you are trying really hard and it still isn’t working then you are in the wrong relationship. I the founder RICHTEENEMPIRE always advice to decode “this” before getting committed and bringing forth child(ren).

You won’t find the right relationship until you are ready for it. If you are bitter, cynical, too vulnerable, heartbroken or really messed up in anyway, take a break. You will subconsciously sabotage everything you touch. You are advised not to jump into one yet, take your time and make sure you are healed.

If you have split up and got back together more than several times, you are incompatible. You are being drawn back for reasons other than love.

Be careful of what you wish for as adults. We all try to recreate the over riding feeling we felt during childhood.

Nothing is less attractive than desperation. See what is really there, not what you want to see.

Change for good. The definition of stupidity is repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result.if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always got.

Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Then be watching your back.

Do not tell people what you don’t want them to do. Tell them what you want them to do and you will get results. The man who cleans out your account, walks out when the going gets tough, belittle you with proud is just as bad as a cheater.

If you don’t do anything apart , you will have nothing to talk about when you are together.

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