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Do you want to feel more fulfilled as a parent? Do you want to avoid the challenges that hurts when one parents wrongly? If your answer is YES! then these tips are meant for you.

With no doubt, raising chid(ren) is one of the most toughest and demanding jobs in the whole wide world. And it is harder if you are responsible. When you are responsible you will always make sure you do the needful, even apply lots of skills in parenting but the irresponsible ones takes the easiest steps even in a nonchalant manner.


BUILD YOUR CHILD SELF ESTEEM ÷ A positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. A child with the high self belief is always more productive in life that the opposite. Learn to allow your child to make choices, you dont need to do everything for your child(ren , learn to start at a very tender age. Stop picking up on your child or always finding faults. Teach them this bravery trick, tell them to always notice the colour of a person’s eyes. It will make the child to appear more confident.

BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR DISCIPLINE ÷ The goal of discipline is to help children choose and live acceptable behaviours and learn self-control. Your child should not always have his/her own way or do what they wanted. Children needs limits to grow into responsible adults.

ESTABLISH HOUSE RULES FOR YOUR CHILDREN ÷ It can be, do your house chores in the morning before eating . It can as well be do your home work before tuning to you TV stations. It is good to have a system in place. And “a warning” when your child disobeys. Be consistent in your disciplinary methods, you don’t have to discipline a child for walking out on you today and ignore it the next time. Being consistent teaches what you expect.

BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL÷ Every child learn or emulate directly from the attitudes displayed around him or her. Parents are always their childs first role model. Therefore before you misbehave in front of your child think about this and the consequences. Learn to control your anger and have morals. Pin down anything that will cause unnecessary drama around yourself. Studies have shown that children exhibit attitudes that they must have seen or heard.

DO NOT RAISE A SPOILED CHILD÷ Parenting is a very demanding work. A child that has an educated parents and responsible parents in a descent environments will be responsible to his parents and community than a child raised by an irresponsible and uneducated parents coulped with a crime driven environment. When I say “responsible parents” Am not just talking about having morals but also being able to do what you have to do at a given time that will benefit your child. Parents need to be responsible, work on yourself so that you don’t need to raise a spoiled child. You can’t give what you dont have.

IT IS OKAY TO ADJUST YOUR PARENTING STYLE÷ The way you parents your 2 years old child, will not be the same when she clocks 4,6,7,8 years etc. As child(ren changes, gradually, change your parenting style as well. So that they will not miss out. This is more applicable with teens because teens look up to their teens than their parents inorder to fit in. So you dont need to be too hard on them instead enlighten, educate, protect , guard and discipline.

SHOW YOUR CHILDREN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE÷ When I talk about unconditional love, I don’t mean you should spare the rod and spoil the child. There are many huge mistakes parents make in parenting and its mistaken to be love. As a parent, you are meant to correct,guide and discipline your child when needed, but how you express your collective guardians makes all the difference in how a child receives it. Nurture, encourage and enlighten your child(ren, just learn to display love in midst of collective guardians. The only true love a parent can shower to his or her child is to raise the child up to be a responsible citizen.

MAKE OUT TIME TO SPEND WITH YOUR CHILD(REN ÷ There is probably nothing a child would like more than to spend quality time with you. Children who doesn’t get the time they want from their parents often misbehaves especially when they are teens. Look for a way to always connect with your child(ren and give then the privilege to help, decide on how to spend the time.

MANAGE YOUR PARENTING ACTIVITIES÷ You know people who doesn’t know what it takes to raise children, always assume taking care of a child is an easy task. So you need to apply wisdom in parenting because you need to be alive and healthy to raise these Child(ren. Therefore focus on the areas that needs the most attention rather than trying to address everything at once. Try to relax and make yourself happy, if you feel tired.


It is heartbreaking and irritating seeing what is going on around us today especially the outrageous attitudes being displayed by parents. Its alarming.

What could be your excuse as a parent that most ill attitudes your child(ren) display are learnt from you? Why can’t you help your child(ren) to atleast be productive and sensible.

Most parents are victims in building their child(ren)’s mental strength . They don’t want to leave their comfort zones inorder to help them fit into the equation and help them beat the odds of obtaining a mental illness at some point in their life.

What does it mean to to be mentally strong?

This involves developing daily habits that build mental muscle, giving up bad habits that hold you back. You don’t have to lack in judgement and good sense. Mentally strong people feel fear and face difficulties but it doesn’t stop them from moving forward or doing what they ought or suppose to do.

Let’s talk about how you can implement this in parenting and help your child(ren) to cope in this mentally challenging world.

Policing or sheltering your child(ren) more won’t fix the problem instead build and equip them to be able to face the world and all of its confusion with you by their side.


You don’t have to always cover up for your child(ren) in other to always make them feel good. You want to give your child(ren) what they need and hates to see them struggle with something but it is not really helping out. Most times parents forget that hardship and failure are part of life. Life is not a bed of roses, so instead of keeping them from everything, allow them to use their skills and ideas to face things out while you are by their side.


Give your child(ren an equal vote in important family matters when you want to change or do something. Value their opinions but do not give your child(ren) power over you. It is good to carry on your child(ren) along with decision making at home but let them contribute and not to dictate. You will loose out completely if you allow your child to dictate what happens in the home. Mentally strong parents empower their children to make appropriate choices while maintaining a clear hierarchy.


Most parents bring in house helpers whereas they have a child who is of the same age with the helper thinking they are doing their child(ren) good. They send the helper almost all the house chores without noticing that they are just preparing and training the helper better off that their own child(ren)


It is still okay to reassure your child that everything will work out well when they have self negative-talk but you don’t need to make your child dependent on you when countering negative self-talk. Allow them to respond to the self-doubt talk on their own. Resist the urge to bail your child(ren out from a problem instead encourage and guard them on how to “argue the opposite” themselves and develop their own solutions.


Learn not to stand in between your child(ren’s and natural consequences. Allow them to build their mental muscles by simply getting out of the way for them to flex their muscles on their own and deal the aftermath when they don’t succeed because we will not always succeed. Natural consequences can be some of life’s greatest teachers, help them choose solution. Let your child know that it is important to take care of their mind as they take care of their body, bath, brush their teeth and wear good things.


High expectations are good towards your children but setting the bar too high can backfire. Help your child aim for big goals but they must be realistic. Let them think realistically.


You don’t have to support your child(ren when the are being punished for doing wrong. Call a spade a spade and stick to your limits. You don’t have to give your child what he/she wants when they misbehave. Most times parents give in by using this normal words “take ! Let me rest” but it will not help issues because you are indirectly telling your child(ren that misbehaving is an effective way to get their needs met.


When you cultivate moral sense in the life of your child(ren you will also have rest of mind as a parent because this is the only force that can prevent your child from using devil as an excuse for indulging in an evil act. Do not forget that your child(ren emulate or copy from you. What kind of life are you living as a parent?

While building mental strength on yourself or children, learn to differentiate being strong from acting tough. The two dosent mean the same thing. Denying pain or refusing to show emotions isn’t strength.

Mental strength involves becoming your best self. It is about having the ability to stay strong, and function well,on the face of doubt, anxiety, uncertainties that are outside of your control.

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Learning about money does not start in schools. Most children learn about money for the first time at home and by their parents.

But what the parents teaches differentiates the one who will eventually get rich, successful and be able to manage money effectively and from the poor who couldn’t manage money and be successful . All successful parents or those who have achieved financial freedom teach their children about money from a very young age because they know how important money is and how it works in our society.

Here are what the rich teach their children about money that the poor does not.

RICH PARENTS TEACH THEIR KIDS HOW IMPORTANT MONEY IS ÷ The rich does not fail to tell their kids how money can give them a quality life regardless of the fact if they believe or not. Money gives a quality amount of freedom .It is the amount of money you have determines the quality of life you live, the place you live, the food you eat, the school you attend, the places you visit and even gives you the ability to help another.

#2 The rich teach them the difference between assets and liabilities. The most quality concepts of building money is to understand the difference between the two and they advice to use assets more. Firstly, what is the difference between the two. Assets brings money to your bank account why liabilities does the opposite, it takes away money from your bank account. Develop more in assets, invest in cash flow investments . The rich use their assets to buy luxury unlike the poor that takes out from their bank to buy luxurious things. As Robert Rikosaki states ” Looking good but going no where”.

#3 The rich teach their kids how to manage their money÷ They teach their kids about this through carrying them along as they plan and manage the house hold expenses. They familiarize their kids on the reality of having living expenses which helps them as they grow up to become an adult.

#4 They teach them different ways to earn money. Many rich people allow their children to get job, the customer service jobs via this they know the price one pays to get money. You can give your time for money, have money work for you, provides a system that gives you money, assets that generate money. This prevents them to be stuck in a place trying to make money. Poor people only knows one way to make money which is giving their time to make money.

#5 They teach them how to develop productive habits ÷ The rich knows that it is not what you do that makes you wealthy but what you do consistently. The rich Carry their plans consistently . The best way to get such habits is to to be able to do it naturally. They start now to build it up in their children knowing fully well that this is one of the best skills they can have. Modifying the habits which is extremely powerful for the child in longterm success.

#6 No one owes you anything. This fact is very important for the intelligent rich people. The sense of entitlement can affect the child in the future. They teach them to go out and earn their success. Most intelligent rich men believe that their children should have to find it their own way.

#7 Social and influence skills. This words seems as if it does not have anything in connection to finance but in the business world its very important. The ability to create influence with people around you creates sense of leadership. And this helps the child to understand the emotions, motivations, and skills earlier in life. When a child have a good sense of communication skills and socialization, it opens more opportunities, makes them more influential and strong leaders.

#8They teach them about delayed gratification(patience). They educate them on the importance of applying Micro speed and macro patience meaning to apply micro speed in hard work then the macro patience is to wait for the manifestation of the hard work. That their hard work will pay and the hard work will worth it.

#9 The rich understand the fact that there is always more money. The rich knows that there are lot of money out there and there is no limitation, you can earn as much as you desire. There are are more money. Your job is to go and get it. Everyone have money for what they want and need, simply give them what they need and want and have the money. The best way to make money is to help people, meet their needs and wants. The rich understand that you generates money via the amount of value you provide.

#10 The rich understand the fact that they don’t know everything. They come in group to learn and know things. They spend time with people that know what they do not know so that they can improve their own. That is why they seek for mentorship, counselling, coaching.


Social media has made many people to bring forth what is meant to be private to public, to the world at large without knowing the implications. Today, many mothers post their baby bump and new born babies pictures which is totally not advisable.

Here are some implications behind such acts.

This act that is now called “sharenting” is not advisable. Do you know that you can attract pedophilia. Pedophilia sites used to collect photos of kids and trace them, especially some mothers that post nude pictures of their children and cover body parts with emojis. Your child can be sexually abused simply because you displayed one cute picture of your child out there. And the abuser might not be far from you.

Do not forget that the social media is not save for you as an adult let alone for an innocent child. Consider the amount of information you give out to the public. Do not forget that anytime a picture is shared online, it goes out of your control. You might not be able to know where it landed and who is with the details. Even if you have personal privacy settings which can affect whoever views it, screenshot can be useful. There is this thing called child’s right to privacy give it to your child. Your child’s birthdate,personal location, behavioural progress, academic and medical conditions should be kept private.

“The reality is that the data shared by parents could be revealed by Google search algorithm for years to come. And we don’t know what our children’s goals might be when they get older”. -Stacey Steinberg, an associate director for the centre on children and families at University of Florida levin college of law.

Displaying your child’s pictures can spoil your mood and attracts insults and bully on your child as the child grows up. You can remember some celebrities and mothers crying online for what people said to their children.

It can lead to Digital Kidnapping. This is a situation whereby someone takes the photos of your child from the posts and reposts the child with a new name and new identities and claims the child to be their own.

The U.K report warns

“We need to stop and think about what this means for children’s lives now and how it may impact on their future lives as adults. We simply do not know what the consequences of all this information about our children will be. In the light of this uncertainty, should we be happy to continue forever collecting and sharing children’s data”.

Another U.K report, Barclays has forecast that by 2030 “sharenting” will account for 2/3 of identity fraud, costing hundreds of millions of dollars a year with just a name, date of birth and address (easy enough to find in a geo tagged birthday party photo on Facebook for example), bad actors can store this information until a person turns 18 and then begin opening accounts.

As a parent, you are really left to your own devices but do not forget that whenever you post your children pictures online, you are leaving a permanent trail. Anything uploaded online even if its later deleted or archived, contributes to a person’s online footprint.



First and foremost, maintain a positive attitude. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and try to always stay positive. Surround yourself with positive minds.

Learn to balance your diet well. Do not skip meals ,feed well.

Alcohol and Caffeine can trigger panic, attacks and anxiety. Learn to limit the quantity you consume.

Welcome humour. Smile is and will always be the best medicine.

Get enough sleep. Your body needs additional sleep and rest.

Get yourself involved. It can be a community or church service. It will engage you and keep you away from unnecessary worries.

Exercise daily. It helps you to feel good and maintain a good health.

Self care. Take good care of yourself, love yourself dearly. Take 20 – 30 minutes every day, actively and intentionally doing something to maintain your mental health. Talk to someone about how you feel and what disturbs you. Tell a trusted family and friends and know how they can help. It is still very okay to talk to a therapist for professional help, get a care provider who listens and whom you can trust to make sure you get the help.


Apart from teens rising in number recently with anxiety disorder. What may not be less known is that many mothers also experience anxiety at some point in their lives.

There is this cultural norms of mothers as worriers. Mothers worry a lot, they worry about almost everything. But anxiety may not be something you recognize in yourself even though it’s there. Women especially Mothers might admit that they worry all the times, unable or just settle down and be still. You might recognize that you were not always like this. All this behaviour are anxious acts that were untreated, anxiety disorder. Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure out everything all at once.

From the scientific point of view, these deep behavioral patterns are built into the brain.

You exhibit such behaviour by shouting, nagging, beating up your child at any slight thing and the struggle worsens when they become teen, passing through adolescence. By then you will adopt HELICOPTER PARENTING which is highly associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression.