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You know, most times we do have a poor track record when it comes to self-assessment. People often underestimate their looks, we dont really know how cool and attractive we look simply because we see ourselves differently from how those around us do. Studies shows that humans aren’t capable of realistically assessing themselves when it comes to physical appearance and attractiveness. We scrutinize every little details about ourselves with the tiniest flaws on our body, then underestimate our self-worth and appeal thus hindering our self-confidence.

But do you know that in the midst of your flaws, people’s attitude and body language towards you might tell a completely different story. They admire you dearly and think that you have a charming personalities.


1 STRANGERS STARE AT YOU÷ When strangers stare at you in public, you will feel self-conscious, wondering and be like, why are they staring at me? There must be a reason because there is no smoke without fire. When someone we likes or find attractive walks into a room, we are usually tempted to turn heads, we can’t be able to avert it.

2 PEOPLE ACTS DIFFERENTLY AROUND YOU÷ Are people a lot more jumpy or anxious around you? Do you notice they act different around you and even seen nervous or confused when you approach them. It is stated that attractive people are usually very intimidating and it is almost impossible to stop yourself from getting flustered when you are around someone you like or find attractive.

3 PEOPLE OFTEN DO A DOUBLE TAKE (GLANCE)÷ Most times we often take double glance when we come across someone we find attractive. Ofcourse, there can be many different reasons why we do this but most common way is that we liked what we saw- and wanted to keep looking or admiring. Sometimes we look to catch your attention.

4 PEOPLE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU ÷ Do you or have you always notice that people come up to you to start conversations regardless of what you are doing or who you really are? If so, its simply because they admire you and finds you attractive. People who are attractive gets better recognition or treatment than those that are average-looking. They always get more positive attention. It might not always be a romantic thing but how symmetrical your face is or how you put yourself together.

5 PEOPLE SMILE WHEN THEY SEE YOU÷ If you do get a friendly smile from a stranger or most people you pass by on the road,streets, chances are, they find you attractive. Naturally we smile at things or people that are aesthetically pleasing. Its a common reaction to something or someone that is pleasing to the eye.

6 YOU HAVE HAD MULTIPLE OCCASIONS WHERE SOMEONE OBSESSED OVER YOU÷ As long as you are good looking, you have probably had somone obsess over you. Whether it is a stranger who seemed glued at you, at a party, events or an acquaintance who kept texting and calling you despite you have repeated attempts to brush them off. This is further proof that people find you attractive.

7 YOU GETS LOTS AND LOTS OF DIRECT MESSAGES÷ If your DMS are constantly filled with messages, don’t be surprised, chances are you are good-looking and they want to get to know you. Society’s Standard of beauty put a lot of pressure on everyone. People nowadays loves to connect to beauty.

8 PEOPLE GO OUT OF THEIR WAYS TO HELP YOU÷ An unfair benefit that good-looking people have naturally is that most people – even strangers will go out of their ways just to help you out in your troubles. Have you noticed that others are willing to help you out when you are facing or having a problem, regardless of the situation? We tend to be more friendlier and generous to those we find to be attractive.

9 PEOPLE MAKE “DUCK” LIPS💋 TOWARDS YOU÷ This is another action that happens when we see someone attractive. This act happens about a one-second reaction that may happen several times in a conversation. The subconscious act linked to the way people keeps their lips in a kissable way that sometimes they have the desire to kiss the person. This can also occur when someone repeatedly lick or bite their lips. If you notice such a quick little movement from a stranger, now you know what it means.

10 OTHERS TENDS TO HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT YOU÷ When you are attractive, people tend to display extreme feelings towards you, whether negative or positive. They can seem overly friendly, or extremely cold and harsh- for just no reason. Whichever extreme they choose to act, it will most likely be because they find you attractive, or intimidating and really wants to get to know you. They will come up to you a lot and make excuses just to have a way to talk to you and be around you. People who are attractive always have an active romantic life, relationships seems to come easy.

So, if you always notice these signs whenever you are with people or you step out into the crowd, then you are super attractive than you think.

Yeah! beauty is cool but attractiveness is not just about your physical appearance- most people wants more than just a pretty face. Learn to accept yourself and be comfortable with who you are; look beyond your insecurities and unreliable perception of yourself. Then you will be amazed on how attractive you can be and how much others value you. Once you get pass these self-imposed obstacles, you will definitely be appealing to senses.



How you approach life says a lot about who you are and how successful and accomplished you can become. Do you know that how you spend your time is how you spend your life.

Here are lessons you dont have to ignore or learn too late in life, shared with examples from great guys

STOP COMPLAINING ÷ If your life turn out great tomorrow, you will be applauded for getting this far but if the case is the opposite, you will be questioned. Therefore stop complaining and start working out for a great life. Gary Vaynerchuck asked, what if I told you this is the last Friday of your life? Would you be complaining about your crab job or that test you dont want to take, the cars you couldnt buy, house you couldn’t build. Stop complaining and start getting what you wanted. You should be grateful and thankful that you are existing in this era where internet has created more opportunity for us, you can attack your world in different amazing ways instead of complaining and your present skips you.

FAMILY MATTERS MORE THAN FRIENDS ÷ No one can choose to go further for you than family. Family is something special, they are people in your life who sincerely want to see you fruitful. Talk to your parents when you still have them. Talk to your siblings and don’t break the bond. Family will always take you above them. Spend time with them, do not allow the relationship to go down. And most importantly, love the child within you dearly because you are the only person who knows how to love them the way they needs to be loved.

DON’T SLEEP WALK THROUGH LIFE ÷ You dont have to stay there and be talking and procastinating as Wareen Buffet puts it ; “look for work you would take, if you didn’t need a job. He stated further that you don’t have to sit right there and always say that things are going to be great. Dont sleep walk through life saying I will do this and that. It is not a good idea. You dont necessarily have to find the thing you love to do at the first time. So don’t give up before you find it.

LIVE LIFE WITHOUT FEAR÷ Fear is the part to the dark side. Will Smith advices, he said if there was a one concept that he will suggest to people to take daily confrontation is fear. He exaggerated by saying that fear lies, the point of maximum danger is the minimum fear. When you are terrified should be the most blissful experience of your life. And God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror, other side of maximum fear are all the best things in life. There are things that you want to do but fear won’t let you but if you get opportuned to do those things, in the midst of fear, at the end you will be grateful. At last the question remains why were you afraid initially on the start. There is actually no reason to be scared about , it ony just ruins your day.

KNOW YOUR DESTINATION ÷ Simon Sinek illustrated by saying, imagine standing in a room and you were asked to walk in a straight line to a corner without letting you know I slip a chair. What do you do? We always use our own creativity and sense of innovation and our own solving problem abilities to overcome obstacles to get to destinations. In other words, destinations are more important than the route, we are flexible about the route and we are obsessed with the destination. The point is that, people want to feel that the effort they are exerting actually are moving somewhere. And so, successful measurement, successful recognition is not just for the steps you take but of the efforts you exerted moved us closer to where we are trying to get to. And that get to crazy ideal, if you didnt change direction, you will be stucked. It is not always in one straight line but it is in one direction.

PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY OTHER THING÷ There is absolutely nothing that is so special in your life than people. Whether beautiful cars, buildings, hobby, books, work,interest , vacation, none of these can ever play the role of a nice person around you. People you spend quality time with are far more important than any other thing you can think about in life. And you need them more during your old age, dont forget this.

ENJOY LIFE ÷ Jack ma stated that he didn’t come to the world to work but to enjoy life. That is why he will retire early inorder to enjoy life when he is young because he dont want to die in his office but die on the beaches 😁.


If your 2020 is that challenging and stressful to you, then it will be of a better idea to adjust yourself this coming new year. There are things you need to add, multiply and subtract in your life inorder not to get the same result at the end of the new year. If you have had a lovely, blessed 2020 then you should keep building until the perfect day.

Am not here to plan your 2021 for you or help you set goals but here to alert you on dos and don’ts that will help you achieve whatever plan you have or need to achieve in this new year.


Firstly, you have to reflect on the years that was. Checkout what gave you joy, what passionately brought tears to your eyes, what really hurt you or break your heart dearly, and what really made you to be thankful? Then what life lessons, did you learn and what did you discover about yourself. As you think and meditate on this issues and being able to find answers, it will provide a vital clues and insights on how you will positively transform your life in this new year. Try as much as you can to not repeat the same mistakes inorder to avoid having the same results in this new year. Forgive yourself and others, and let go.

Choose a new good habits…learn to dress your bed÷ do no leave your bed unkept in the morning. Make your bed to perfection. This simple act will give you a small sense of pride. When you make your bed in the morning, you have accomplished the first task of the day stated by a distinguished speaker. It will encourage you to do another task , another, another and another, at the end of the day, many tasks completed. Little things matters, if you cant do the little things right, you will never be able to do the big things right. If you want to change your world, get up and make your bed. If you atleast have a miserable day, you will atleast come back home and meet a made bed, the one you possibly make.

Get to know and understand who you are and what you want ÷ This is the beginning of your success. If you can answer this questions correctly then you can’t be stopped from being successful. Getting to know and understand what you value, love, desire, passionate about, your strengths and weaknesses then you will be in a better position to set goals that feel right to your soul.

Take care of your body and mind÷ If you are not mentally stable and healthy, you might be able to achieve absolutely nothing because this is the top priorities towards living a happy life. Your body and mind is what lasts for you, for your lifetime. Do not ignore the little warning signs, see the doctor whenever needed. Make it a habit to always have a balanced diet, and exercise regularly.

Sleep more and meditate÷ I know you must have heard this saying that states “dont sleep out your days, months,years even life”. And this has made so many to be cautious of not having enough sleep, you see them work in the midnight and still wake up early in the morning for business or office work. But you forget that you can’t cheat nature. Learn to give your body and mind the rest they need, so that they can function well for you. Get an additional 30 minutes of sleep, start with just 5minutes of meditation each day. Listen to the self, in the mornings 10 to 5minutes. It sets you up for the best of your day. It will help you to plan out your day and understand some actions to take for the day.

Your time is ticking ÷ If you leave your life to randomness, you are stealing from your greatness by bit by bit, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year to year. Get disciplined, manage your time especially the free time appropriately.

Do not be a tool to your phone÷ Your phone should be your tool for communication, business, getting informed and not you being a tool to your phone. Know when to make use of the features in your phone, when to put it on silence, ignore, switch it off, visit social medias. If you don’t have boundaries with your phone, it will impact your self control, time, sleep, plans, goals etc. Have absolutely control of your phone.

BE SPIRITUAL ÷ As you need to take care of your body and mind, is same way you have to take care of your soul. Spirituality is superior than physical in every measure. What ever functions physically has already been concluded spiritually. Whatever you need on earth is in a man’s hand but if the man’s heart is not yet touched by God (spiritually) to release it to you, you cant have it. You will keep struggling. Spirituality helps you discover your purpose on earth that brings in a true sense of self- discovery and to operate in a unique and pleasant dimension. It is an essential part of living.

Dear reader, Success is not measured by the material things you have or can display but on how effective you are towards the things of life and humanity. Humans are built to serve, some are called to serve the world, community, 50 people within your reach or even family. We are here to serve. The question is , HOW ARE YOU PERFORMING YOUR SERVICES ?

May your upcoming year be a successful one and above all, may you get out of the bed on January 1st and get back to bed on December 31st. And be effective in between the months.



Christmas is the time Christians celebrate the anniversary of the birth of JESUS of Nazareth but some christians still question ,argue and debate on such activity, if its is right or wrong.

Though there is no solid evidence that Jesus Christ was born in December. In fact, the Bible does not mention a date for the birth of Jesus Christ or a date to celebrate His birthday.


In the first three centuries of the existence of christianity, Jesus Christ’s birth was not celebrated at all until at the end of the third century, when the church officials agreed on December 25th as a day to be celebrating the birth of Christ. The first official mention of December 25th as a holiday honouring Jesus Christ’s birthday appears in an early Roman Calendar from 336 A.D.

Yes! with no doubt, the bible didn’t mention the date and month christ was born but the church(Christians) brought out a date for His celebration based on the reference of what happened during His birth which showed that it is during springtime He was birthed. Then the church agreed on such day 25th December. If we are doubting the spring time, why would the shepherds be herding in the middle of winter?

Apart from the season Christ was born, the church officials also chose this day inorder to deny the legitimacy of the celebration of purtians ,the tradition of the pagan saturnalia festival.

Pope Julius 1 chose December 25th inorder to adopt the traditions of the pagan. A date to coincide with existing pagan festivals honouring Saturn(the Roman god of agriculture) and Mithra( the persian god of light), So that they can easily convince saturnalia and the Roman pagans to accept christianity as the empire’s official religion. By the end of the eight century, the celebration of Christmas had spread all the way to Scandinavia. By the middle Ages, Christianity had, for the most part, replaced pagan religion.

So it is the church that came to the conclusion of this date, so any other arguement shouldn’t be necessary. Most of some holidays we observe on earth doesnt mean that the day they assume, doesn’t trully mean the actual birthed day but they concluded on a date and we observe it. When the United Nations brought out days for us to celebrate diseases and affirmatives. Did you argue with them?

Who told you that the day diabetes, cancer, Aids, labour etc. are being celebrated is the day they were really born or came into existence.

As long as it is the church that declared such a beautiful day then our dear GOD will indeed acknowledge it.


DO YOU KNOW that Christmas was first declared a federal holiday in the united states on June 26,1870.

-Christmas tress was first brought to America in the 1800s.

-Christmas trees takes six to eight years to mature.

-The first Christmas trees were brought indoors by 16th century by German Christians, and Martin Luther is credited with placing the first burning candles in Christmas tree to mimic the sparkling stars.

-Do you know that the tallest Christmas tree is believed to be 122-footin Washington.

-Do you know that, the marketing of Christmas tree is still very effective till date. Each year, 30 to 35 million real Christmas trees are sold in the United states alone.

-The idea of electric lights for Christmas tree was initiated by Thomas Edison’s assistants.

-98 percent of all Christmas trees are grown on farms.

-the Christmas tree tradition to the white house was brought by the 14th President, Franklin pierce.

-“Jingle Bells” was originally titled “One Horse Open Sleigh”.

-It is James Lord Pierpont who composed the song “Jingle Bells”.

-The legendary figure of santa claus can be traced back to St. Nicholas, a Turkish-born monk from the third century. Who was known as Sinter Klaas.

-Charles Dickens, the English author created the classic holiday tale, A Christmas carol.

-the National Christmas tree lighting ceremony that is now held every year on the white House lawn is established in 1923, by President Calvin Coolidge.

-Do you know that there was a time the celebration of Christmas stopped a war? Pope Benedict XV called for a temporary ceasefire during a Christmas season on December 7th, 1914, five months into the outburst of fighting, in world war1.

In conclusion, I look forward every year to celebrate JESUS CHRIST on the day we all agreed to celebrate our LORD’S glorious birth… I don’t know about you?



What are the chances that you are going to make it in life? How likely that you are going to be successful. Do not forget that you don’t just dream success, you work it out. Your actions today determines who you will become tomorrow .

Am here to share habits that makes successful people successful. THESE ARE THE SIGNS THAT FOLLOW THEM÷

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE KEEP GOING WHEN THEY SUFFER SETBACK…They embrace failures, they dont take it personal or quit. Do you know that successful people has always been the ones who have failed more than anybody else. The only difference between successful person and other people is lack of will. Failures breaks down other people while the successful people cleans up and keep going. Successful people are ridiculously positive about their future. When I carried out research about Warren Buffet one of the informations I got about him that I will never forget is the fact that he said that “I always know I will be rich” even before he became a millionaire. Successful people always have positive expectations about their future even if the part seems not clear.

THEY HAVE GROWTH MINDSET ÷ They believe that brains and talents are just starting point. Then their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. Great men and women always learn and grow without stopping. They read, listens to educative materials, get coached from successful people. You might have the biggest ideas but if you can’t communicate those ideas to the people, you won’t go anywhere. The more you know the more you realise you dont know, the less you know, the more you think you know.

THEY HAVE GREAT HABITS÷ What do you do regularly or addicted to? Successful people have great habits while the opposite people have lousy habits. Habits determines 95% of a persons behaviour. Whatever you have today or going to achieve tomorrow depends on the quality of habits you form today. Successful habits can be eating well, getting enough sleep, Exercise, practicing personal reflection, creating a successful circle while the opposite can be taking drugs, lazy, gossiping, partying, always on television etc.

THEY LOVE WHAT THEY DO÷ Love the work you do. When you do what you are passionate about, you will be more productive. It will make you to be more engaged and dedicated. When you love what you do, it will always be fun and you won’t feel tired anymore.

THEY ARE SELF AWARE÷ People who are self aware understands themselves, they know their weaknesses, strength, manage emotions. They know what they are good at and what they are not good at. If you are highly self aware, you can objectively evaluate yourself, manage your emotions, align your behaviour with your values and understand correctly how others perceive you. This allows you to make better decisions.

THEY ARE INCREDIBLY DRIVEN÷ They are passionately motivated to achieve goals. They have encouragement from within. How well do you push yourself to get good results? It is your personal drive that turns your ideas and actions to a profitable result. It drives you from where you are now to where you choose to be.

THEY ARE CONFIDENT IN THEIR ABILITIES÷ They accept their abilities which come with accepting of one’s body and mind which is the act of believing in your ability, skills and experience. Self doubt/fear of the unknown are the biggest enemy of self confidence. We struggle with self doubt and worry if we are ready for this or good enough. Self confident is nothing more than believing in yourself and believing in yourself is nothing more than doing the things you didn’t believe you can do. You know it is easy to believe in yourself when people believe in you but the real deal is believing in yourself when no one believes in you. You need unshakeable self confidence to succeed. But confidence is not arrogance . Arrogance is when you think you are above everyone while Confidence is knowing that no one is above you.

THEY HAVE HIGH EQ÷ EQ is Emotional quotient otherwise known as emotional intelligence. People who are emotionally intelligent might not be the smartest people in the world but they surround themselves with smart people. When it comes to being successful, EQ eats IQ for breakfast. IQ is mostly its genetic, what you are born with however EQ is acquired, it could be developed, learned, and refined. They know how to deal with stress, anxiety, issues. If you can manage your emotions positively, you can manage anything.

In conclusion, Success is not measured by your net worth or how much money , material things you possess but on how many lives your have affected positively. Learn to differentiate the two.


There is always a trace between our character and how successful we are in life. Although there are people who are naturally gifted and favoured but they might still loose out if they have bad character. Character is everything. It is like smoke it cannot be hidden.

Having good character simply means that you have such an admirable traits as honesty, courage and responsibility. So when you notice that people are avoiding you, check yourself very well because there can be a good reasons why people avoid you.

These are the most common reasons…

YOU ARE TOO COMPETITIVE ÷ This insinuates that you spends time looking at what everyone else is doing instead of focusing. You always want to challenge or warm up other people. People naturally avoid this kind of people unless if they are competitive themselves. You dont have to compete with friends and family. Learn to allow them to win if they deserve it .In fact, competing is not a bad thing but if you always want people to submit, loose out or trying to force them to agree. They will start to avoid you and this can make you loose opportunities you could have in life.

YOU ARE TOO NEEDY÷ You are too needy when you always need one or two things from people or you always want to be reassured of your self worth. This might be one of the difficulties or challenges you deal with in your life, get to adjust and make it better for yourself. Everybody struggles with one challenge or another, so learn to deal with yours and stop waiting or wanting people to deal with your challenges for you.

YOU ARE TOO CURIOUS ÷ You are too curious that you ask questions that people doesn’t want to answer. You just ask any questions that comes to your mind without minding whether it is private matter or not. You are too curious about other people’s business. Everyone on earth requires a space at a given time, learn to respect that and stop attacking their personal space.

YOU ARE SELFISH ÷ If you are that person that loves to do everything your own way without considering people around you. This makes people to avoid you because they feel manipulated and insecure around you. They cant communicate with you effectively. You always demand authority, you just tell people how you want it and you aren’t flexible. You loves to take more than you give and uses tactics to do things your own way. Just like a snake, you manipulate and manoeuvre people untill you get what you want.

YOU ARE NOT A LISTENER÷ You are too opinionated. You go around expressing your feelings, ideas without listening to what other people says or thinks. You dont give people chance to speak, you always love to talk over everyone all the time. When people gets tired of your so called “stories” they might not be able to tell you to shut up, they will just avoid you.

YOU ARE JUDGEMENTAL÷ You make habit out of complaining, criticising, and condemning all the time. Fault finding and moral evaluation. When you express yourself in negative ways around people, you are simply pushing people away. They might not necessary tell you what you did, they will just keep you at arms length. Stop being judgemental and learn to advice and appreciate.

YOU ARE DIRTY – MINDED ÷ Are your words considered to be vulgar and sickening. They are always nasty, filled with dirty thoughts and dirty jokes. People especially “clean” people hate such dirty talks, so keeping you at arms length is the best option.

YOU CAN ARGUE ÷ Being argumentative can simply mean that you always want to prove or make your point. You always want to prove people wrong, you want to show that you are smarter than them in most ways. You always make them feel like dumps around you. People hate it when someone is trying to prove them wrong. Sometimes you might have the truth but truth hurts.

“Many people are offended by truth”

And they do not want you to dig into their soul or question them about their goals. Learn to listen and let them finish. Do not put in your logic. If you can do this , you will know people you can argue or debate with and those you cannot debate or argue with.