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The way social media affects us on daily basis are scary especially the damage it causes on our mental health. Many of us are ignorant of this, that is why I see it needful to drop an article on it. We need to be mindful and do something about it if we are victims.

The truth behind Social Media isn’t evil by itself, but its fake and deceptive contents is , that’s why we have to be alert. Most especially the teens, who are immature needs to understand that most things people share on Social Media does not or may not reflect the reality of the life they live. Be informed that those who normally share seductive contents or odd religious practices or immoral behaviours are just like devourer, looking for who to devour. DO NOT FALL A VICTIM.

You can become a victim if you spend more time online esp on Facebook and Instagram or uses online to ease stress , feel happy or seek for solutions to your problems . People who fall victim of such suffer higher rates of depression than those who are mindful of their actions. Social Media destroy relationships, visions, costs money, time and can make your life worse.

Social Media Companies hire individuals called attention engineers who borrow principles from las Vegas Casino gambling among other places to make these products as addictive as possible stated on Motivational Grid TV.

We are all vulnerable to social approval. We all want and love to be accepted no matter how we try to denial this fact. We really care about what people think about us when we upload videos or pictures on social media. Your mind is very ready to know what other people think of your photos and videos. Then when you get new likes and comments, Facebook knowing this can actually message you and say that so – so person(s) liked or commented on your picture or videos. Facebook knows you will be vulnerable to that moment. Apart from “notifications” we also search for feedbacks by ourselves inorder to know what people are talking about our uploaded photos and videos.

Our engagement with Social Media and cell phones releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is the exact same chemical that makes us feel good when we smoke, drink, gamble etc. In other words, it is highly addictive. When you give a generation that has an addictive chemical called dopamine through Social Media and cell phones an opportunity to ease a high stress they are going through , they might not be able to deal with it because they don’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with stress. So when significant stress starts to show up in their lives, they will neither turn to a person nor a counsellor rather they turn to social media which offers temporary relief.

Science has proven the fact that, people that spends more time on Social Media suffer higher rates of depression than people that spends lesser time. It is surprising and unfortunate that we have addictive generation that are not aware and still doesn’t have the skill set to ask for help.

Social Media isn’t real. You don’t see real life on social media. The 99% of our real lives, the behind the scene, the unglamorous, unfiltered day- to – day bland normality is not shown on Social Media. And you end up comparing yourself to the pictures and videos they make up and flash on social media to who you really are. You starts to feel pity for yourself and start thinking on how you are not successful or smart. Such thoughts causes depression because they have succeeded in injecting things into your brains that you never asked for.

In conclusion, before you start to attack yourself, always have it in mind that the lives people share on social media, don’t reflect the reality they live in.


This issue have been discussed deeply by the religious persons. And many people are still confused about the whole thing.

Life being predestined is the belief that events of history, past, present and future have been already decided or are already known by God, fate or some other force including human action.

Your life is not predestined by God. Your future is not planned out before you and your own decisions determine what your everlasting future will be.

Yes! there is an amount of predetermination in each of our lives, we call it destiny and fate but there are greater amount of free will to make it productive. Like motivational speakers always press on self discovery (the highest discovery one can discover on earth).

Now if finally you discover that music is your thing, you are passionate about it,you find peace in yourself anytime you think about it. Will you now fold your hands for things to work out on it’s own. NOT AT ALL. If some forces has already determined your future, then trying to take care of yourself is useless. Statistics show that people who take precautions suffer fewer fatal consequences. Carelessness can result in tragedy.

“I returned and saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift,nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.” (Ecc 9: 11)

Our life responds to our understanding, the more you understand the ways of life, the more you understand the natural process of life. The choice you make today determine your tomorrow, your tomorrow determines your destiny, your destiny determines the eternity of life and that of a nation.

Taken to its logical conclusion, the idea that God fore knows all decisions would mean that God is responsible for all that happens – including wars, injustice, and suffering. Can this be possible? A clear answer is provided by what God says about Himself.

The Scripture state that “God is love” and that He is “a lover of justice”.

Never forget “go ye into the world and be fruitful “. The choice is yours. You are responsible on how your life turn out to be as long as you are not a deviant.