You know, most times we do have a poor track record when it comes to self-assessment. People often underestimate their looks, we dont really know how cool and attractive we look simply because we see ourselves differently from how those around us do. Studies shows that humans aren’t capable of realistically assessing themselves when it comes to physical appearance and attractiveness. We scrutinize every little details about ourselves with the tiniest flaws on our body, then underestimate our self-worth and appeal thus hindering our self-confidence.

But do you know that in the midst of your flaws, people’s attitude and body language towards you might tell a completely different story. They admire you dearly and think that you have a charming personalities.


1 STRANGERS STARE AT YOU÷ When strangers stare at you in public, you will feel self-conscious, wondering and be like, why are they staring at me? There must be a reason because there is no smoke without fire. When someone we likes or find attractive walks into a room, we are usually tempted to turn heads, we can’t be able to avert it.

2 PEOPLE ACTS DIFFERENTLY AROUND YOU÷ Are people a lot more jumpy or anxious around you? Do you notice they act different around you and even seen nervous or confused when you approach them. It is stated that attractive people are usually very intimidating and it is almost impossible to stop yourself from getting flustered when you are around someone you like or find attractive.

3 PEOPLE OFTEN DO A DOUBLE TAKE (GLANCE)÷ Most times we often take double glance when we come across someone we find attractive. Ofcourse, there can be many different reasons why we do this but most common way is that we liked what we saw- and wanted to keep looking or admiring. Sometimes we look to catch your attention.

4 PEOPLE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU ÷ Do you or have you always notice that people come up to you to start conversations regardless of what you are doing or who you really are? If so, its simply because they admire you and finds you attractive. People who are attractive gets better recognition or treatment than those that are average-looking. They always get more positive attention. It might not always be a romantic thing but how symmetrical your face is or how you put yourself together.

5 PEOPLE SMILE WHEN THEY SEE YOU÷ If you do get a friendly smile from a stranger or most people you pass by on the road,streets, chances are, they find you attractive. Naturally we smile at things or people that are aesthetically pleasing. Its a common reaction to something or someone that is pleasing to the eye.

6 YOU HAVE HAD MULTIPLE OCCASIONS WHERE SOMEONE OBSESSED OVER YOU÷ As long as you are good looking, you have probably had somone obsess over you. Whether it is a stranger who seemed glued at you, at a party, events or an acquaintance who kept texting and calling you despite you have repeated attempts to brush them off. This is further proof that people find you attractive.

7 YOU GETS LOTS AND LOTS OF DIRECT MESSAGES÷ If your DMS are constantly filled with messages, don’t be surprised, chances are you are good-looking and they want to get to know you. Society’s Standard of beauty put a lot of pressure on everyone. People nowadays loves to connect to beauty.

8 PEOPLE GO OUT OF THEIR WAYS TO HELP YOU÷ An unfair benefit that good-looking people have naturally is that most people – even strangers will go out of their ways just to help you out in your troubles. Have you noticed that others are willing to help you out when you are facing or having a problem, regardless of the situation? We tend to be more friendlier and generous to those we find to be attractive.

9 PEOPLE MAKE “DUCK” LIPS💋 TOWARDS YOU÷ This is another action that happens when we see someone attractive. This act happens about a one-second reaction that may happen several times in a conversation. The subconscious act linked to the way people keeps their lips in a kissable way that sometimes they have the desire to kiss the person. This can also occur when someone repeatedly lick or bite their lips. If you notice such a quick little movement from a stranger, now you know what it means.

10 OTHERS TENDS TO HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT YOU÷ When you are attractive, people tend to display extreme feelings towards you, whether negative or positive. They can seem overly friendly, or extremely cold and harsh- for just no reason. Whichever extreme they choose to act, it will most likely be because they find you attractive, or intimidating and really wants to get to know you. They will come up to you a lot and make excuses just to have a way to talk to you and be around you. People who are attractive always have an active romantic life, relationships seems to come easy.

So, if you always notice these signs whenever you are with people or you step out into the crowd, then you are super attractive than you think.

Yeah! beauty is cool but attractiveness is not just about your physical appearance- most people wants more than just a pretty face. Learn to accept yourself and be comfortable with who you are; look beyond your insecurities and unreliable perception of yourself. Then you will be amazed on how attractive you can be and how much others value you. Once you get pass these self-imposed obstacles, you will definitely be appealing to senses.