How you approach life says a lot about who you are and how successful and accomplished you can become. Do you know that how you spend your time is how you spend your life.

Here are lessons you dont have to ignore or learn too late in life, shared with examples from great guys

STOP COMPLAINING ÷ If your life turn out great tomorrow, you will be applauded for getting this far but if the case is the opposite, you will be questioned. Therefore stop complaining and start working out for a great life. Gary Vaynerchuck asked, what if I told you this is the last Friday of your life? Would you be complaining about your crab job or that test you dont want to take, the cars you couldnt buy, house you couldn’t build. Stop complaining and start getting what you wanted. You should be grateful and thankful that you are existing in this era where internet has created more opportunity for us, you can attack your world in different amazing ways instead of complaining and your present skips you.

FAMILY MATTERS MORE THAN FRIENDS ÷ No one can choose to go further for you than family. Family is something special, they are people in your life who sincerely want to see you fruitful. Talk to your parents when you still have them. Talk to your siblings and don’t break the bond. Family will always take you above them. Spend time with them, do not allow the relationship to go down. And most importantly, love the child within you dearly because you are the only person who knows how to love them the way they needs to be loved.

DON’T SLEEP WALK THROUGH LIFE ÷ You dont have to stay there and be talking and procastinating as Wareen Buffet puts it ; “look for work you would take, if you didn’t need a job. He stated further that you don’t have to sit right there and always say that things are going to be great. Dont sleep walk through life saying I will do this and that. It is not a good idea. You dont necessarily have to find the thing you love to do at the first time. So don’t give up before you find it.

LIVE LIFE WITHOUT FEAR÷ Fear is the part to the dark side. Will Smith advices, he said if there was a one concept that he will suggest to people to take daily confrontation is fear. He exaggerated by saying that fear lies, the point of maximum danger is the minimum fear. When you are terrified should be the most blissful experience of your life. And God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror, other side of maximum fear are all the best things in life. There are things that you want to do but fear won’t let you but if you get opportuned to do those things, in the midst of fear, at the end you will be grateful. At last the question remains why were you afraid initially on the start. There is actually no reason to be scared about , it ony just ruins your day.

KNOW YOUR DESTINATION ÷ Simon Sinek illustrated by saying, imagine standing in a room and you were asked to walk in a straight line to a corner without letting you know I slip a chair. What do you do? We always use our own creativity and sense of innovation and our own solving problem abilities to overcome obstacles to get to destinations. In other words, destinations are more important than the route, we are flexible about the route and we are obsessed with the destination. The point is that, people want to feel that the effort they are exerting actually are moving somewhere. And so, successful measurement, successful recognition is not just for the steps you take but of the efforts you exerted moved us closer to where we are trying to get to. And that get to crazy ideal, if you didnt change direction, you will be stucked. It is not always in one straight line but it is in one direction.

PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY OTHER THING÷ There is absolutely nothing that is so special in your life than people. Whether beautiful cars, buildings, hobby, books, work,interest , vacation, none of these can ever play the role of a nice person around you. People you spend quality time with are far more important than any other thing you can think about in life. And you need them more during your old age, dont forget this.

ENJOY LIFE ÷ Jack ma stated that he didn’t come to the world to work but to enjoy life. That is why he will retire early inorder to enjoy life when he is young because he dont want to die in his office but die on the beaches 😁.