A teen who observes the basic manners, who dosent observe it out of pretense but knows that this is the right thing to do anytime, anywhere will be very beneficial to the parents, to the society and even to his/her self. They are easily loved, respected and admired. Sometimes, teens go through phases where they want to look cool and manners go out of the window. Good manners are about respecting yourself and others. You will make life more enjoyable for you and people who come into contact with you if you have good manners.


-DO NOT BE A SLAVE TO YOUR CELL PHONE÷ You dont use your phones while you are in the middle of something important like pressing your phone while, while your parents are speaking to you, at the dinner table, etc. This attitude shows how disrespectful and lack of manners, you have got. You dont have to respond to messages or emails unless if its very important and urgent.

-TAKE CARE OF BASIC HYGIENE÷ Cover your mouth while yawning, do not yawn so loud, opening your mouth so wide. Cough into your elbow, cover your mouth when sneezing, do not pick your nose with your hands etc.

Always stand when introduced, speak slowly, clearly and graciously when talking to adults.

YOU DONT TALK BACK AT YOUR PARENTS ÷ Where on earth did you learn such a dirty act? Talking back at people that matter so much in your life. Even if your parents are bad, you still have to accord them their respect as you disobey their negative teachings.

-ENSURE TO WEAR A CLEAN, IRONED AND DECENT CLOTHES ÷ Dressing inappropriately is wrong and its not attractive. It is of a better view to always know what to wear for certain events and occasions. Make it a habit to always wear clean,ironed and decent clothes.

-ASK PERMISSION TO DO THINGS÷ Anytime you realise that you can do anything you want without seeking for permission then know that you lack manners and you might get yourself into trouble one day. Especially if your parents or guardians cant stop you from doing whatever you want to do as a teen.

Say “excuse me” when you need to interrupt in a conversation or you accidentally bump into someone.

Do not answer calls when you are in the middle of face-to-face conversation with your elders.

-When someone ask you questions, learn to use appropriate language and answers. You don’t use slangs unless in a playful atmosphere.

Apologise when you have done something wrong. Learn to say “please” and “thank you”.

Do not loose sight of basic manners because your attitudes is the first thing people see before they can interact with you.