Every girl loves to be admired especially if the admiration is coming from her crush. Teenage life is a time of carefree time, a time you don’t have much to worry about because you have got someone who is taking care of your bills. Though some teens are not this privileged but every teen deserve this. During this care free time, teens loves to make friends and its a plus if you get admired easily.

So Am here to give girls some tips on what boys find attractive in girls, so that you don’t have to feel isolated or unliked.


PRETTY FACE÷ Yeah! Every one loves pretty face. Boys in general find fine face attractive, so if you have a pretty face, you have got to have many admires. But that pretty face must be naturally beautiful. You dont have to cover your natural looks with loads of make up. Even if you wishes to apply make-up, it should be a tool to enhance your natural beauty not to disguise your face entirely.

SMART AND SEXY GIRL ÷ Boys loves a smart and sexy girl. It is definitely a lethal combination that every teenage guy will chase. Be knowledgeable, know what you have to know .Read good books. Even though you aren’t that pretty, you can kill it with your smartness. Being smart is sexy.

BE FASHIONABLE ÷ You don’t have to wear designers but whatever cloth you have to wear, make sure it fits you even a school uniform. Boys loves girls that knows how to dress, a fashionista. So know how to dress decent yet captivating.

CURVY BODY ÷ Yeah! boys loves to see those curves in all the right places. But you don’t have to go extra length to have a curvy body. Your body will sprout out new body curves as you pass through adolescence age to attain adulthood. So keep maintaining your body as it gets better.

BE INDEPENDENT ÷ Learn to do things yourself. You don’t have to bribe someone to copy notes, write assignments or even to do things you have to do for yourself. Boys see such girls as dull girls. Dull girls are not attractive. You dont have to beg someone to do what you can do for yourself.

SMELL GOOD ÷ Keeping yourself neat does not only make you smell good but also makes you comely. Smelling good, wearing a sweet perfume, makes boys to be attracted to you because guys sense of smell is connected to memory and it leaves a good impression. It drives guys crazy that they will always want to be with you.

BE CONFIDENT÷ Who does not love a confident person? We all do but not necessarily in arrogant manner. Teen guys loves to see a girl that believes in herself, who comports herself well and can have a confident discussion. Although teens are still in a stage of growing up to attain adulthood, so most of you guys struggle with your images and feelings of self consciousness. However it is a huge turn on if you are confident, so start working on it.

LIGHT FLIRTATION IS CUTE ÷ Boys loves it when you can play with them but not a dirty play. For example, you can smile with a little giggling. Insinuate attraction in a playful (especially conversational) way.

DON’T BE A GOSSIP PER ÷ Boys hates to hear what they discussed with you from another source.”not really a bad discussions but normal gist around” maybe that he asked you out and you declined or that there is a rumour that is initiated by you. They hate this act and can table you among their friends as someone that can’t be trusted.

Enjoy your teen age while it lasts. Make cool friends, socialize but stay away from sex, for your own good.