Do you want to feel more fulfilled as a parent? Do you want to avoid the challenges that hurts when one parents wrongly? If your answer is YES! then these tips are meant for you.

With no doubt, raising chid(ren) is one of the most toughest and demanding jobs in the whole wide world. And it is harder if you are responsible. When you are responsible you will always make sure you do the needful, even apply lots of skills in parenting but the irresponsible ones takes the easiest steps even in a nonchalant manner.


BUILD YOUR CHILD SELF ESTEEM ÷ A positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. A child with the high self belief is always more productive in life that the opposite. Learn to allow your child to make choices, you dont need to do everything for your child(ren , learn to start at a very tender age. Stop picking up on your child or always finding faults. Teach them this bravery trick, tell them to always notice the colour of a person’s eyes. It will make the child to appear more confident.

BE CONSISTENT WITH YOUR DISCIPLINE ÷ The goal of discipline is to help children choose and live acceptable behaviours and learn self-control. Your child should not always have his/her own way or do what they wanted. Children needs limits to grow into responsible adults.

ESTABLISH HOUSE RULES FOR YOUR CHILDREN ÷ It can be, do your house chores in the morning before eating . It can as well be do your home work before tuning to you TV stations. It is good to have a system in place. And “a warning” when your child disobeys. Be consistent in your disciplinary methods, you don’t have to discipline a child for walking out on you today and ignore it the next time. Being consistent teaches what you expect.

BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL÷ Every child learn or emulate directly from the attitudes displayed around him or her. Parents are always their childs first role model. Therefore before you misbehave in front of your child think about this and the consequences. Learn to control your anger and have morals. Pin down anything that will cause unnecessary drama around yourself. Studies have shown that children exhibit attitudes that they must have seen or heard.

DO NOT RAISE A SPOILED CHILD÷ Parenting is a very demanding work. A child that has an educated parents and responsible parents in a descent environments will be responsible to his parents and community than a child raised by an irresponsible and uneducated parents coulped with a crime driven environment. When I say “responsible parents” Am not just talking about having morals but also being able to do what you have to do at a given time that will benefit your child. Parents need to be responsible, work on yourself so that you don’t need to raise a spoiled child. You can’t give what you dont have.

IT IS OKAY TO ADJUST YOUR PARENTING STYLE÷ The way you parents your 2 years old child, will not be the same when she clocks 4,6,7,8 years etc. As child(ren changes, gradually, change your parenting style as well. So that they will not miss out. This is more applicable with teens because teens look up to their teens than their parents inorder to fit in. So you dont need to be too hard on them instead enlighten, educate, protect , guard and discipline.

SHOW YOUR CHILDREN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE÷ When I talk about unconditional love, I don’t mean you should spare the rod and spoil the child. There are many huge mistakes parents make in parenting and its mistaken to be love. As a parent, you are meant to correct,guide and discipline your child when needed, but how you express your collective guardians makes all the difference in how a child receives it. Nurture, encourage and enlighten your child(ren, just learn to display love in midst of collective guardians. The only true love a parent can shower to his or her child is to raise the child up to be a responsible citizen.

MAKE OUT TIME TO SPEND WITH YOUR CHILD(REN ÷ There is probably nothing a child would like more than to spend quality time with you. Children who doesn’t get the time they want from their parents often misbehaves especially when they are teens. Look for a way to always connect with your child(ren and give then the privilege to help, decide on how to spend the time.

MANAGE YOUR PARENTING ACTIVITIES÷ You know people who doesn’t know what it takes to raise children, always assume taking care of a child is an easy task. So you need to apply wisdom in parenting because you need to be alive and healthy to raise these Child(ren. Therefore focus on the areas that needs the most attention rather than trying to address everything at once. Try to relax and make yourself happy, if you feel tired.