If your 2020 is that challenging and stressful to you, then it will be of a better idea to adjust yourself this coming new year. There are things you need to add, multiply and subtract in your life inorder not to get the same result at the end of the new year. If you have had a lovely, blessed 2020 then you should keep building until the perfect day.

Am not here to plan your 2021 for you or help you set goals but here to alert you on dos and don’ts that will help you achieve whatever plan you have or need to achieve in this new year.


Firstly, you have to reflect on the years that was. Checkout what gave you joy, what passionately brought tears to your eyes, what really hurt you or break your heart dearly, and what really made you to be thankful? Then what life lessons, did you learn and what did you discover about yourself. As you think and meditate on this issues and being able to find answers, it will provide a vital clues and insights on how you will positively transform your life in this new year. Try as much as you can to not repeat the same mistakes inorder to avoid having the same results in this new year. Forgive yourself and others, and let go.

Choose a new good habits…learn to dress your bed÷ do no leave your bed unkept in the morning. Make your bed to perfection. This simple act will give you a small sense of pride. When you make your bed in the morning, you have accomplished the first task of the day stated by a distinguished speaker. It will encourage you to do another task , another, another and another, at the end of the day, many tasks completed. Little things matters, if you cant do the little things right, you will never be able to do the big things right. If you want to change your world, get up and make your bed. If you atleast have a miserable day, you will atleast come back home and meet a made bed, the one you possibly make.

Get to know and understand who you are and what you want ÷ This is the beginning of your success. If you can answer this questions correctly then you can’t be stopped from being successful. Getting to know and understand what you value, love, desire, passionate about, your strengths and weaknesses then you will be in a better position to set goals that feel right to your soul.

Take care of your body and mind÷ If you are not mentally stable and healthy, you might be able to achieve absolutely nothing because this is the top priorities towards living a happy life. Your body and mind is what lasts for you, for your lifetime. Do not ignore the little warning signs, see the doctor whenever needed. Make it a habit to always have a balanced diet, and exercise regularly.

Sleep more and meditate÷ I know you must have heard this saying that states “dont sleep out your days, months,years even life”. And this has made so many to be cautious of not having enough sleep, you see them work in the midnight and still wake up early in the morning for business or office work. But you forget that you can’t cheat nature. Learn to give your body and mind the rest they need, so that they can function well for you. Get an additional 30 minutes of sleep, start with just 5minutes of meditation each day. Listen to the self, in the mornings 10 to 5minutes. It sets you up for the best of your day. It will help you to plan out your day and understand some actions to take for the day.

Your time is ticking ÷ If you leave your life to randomness, you are stealing from your greatness by bit by bit, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month, year to year. Get disciplined, manage your time especially the free time appropriately.

Do not be a tool to your phone÷ Your phone should be your tool for communication, business, getting informed and not you being a tool to your phone. Know when to make use of the features in your phone, when to put it on silence, ignore, switch it off, visit social medias. If you don’t have boundaries with your phone, it will impact your self control, time, sleep, plans, goals etc. Have absolutely control of your phone.

BE SPIRITUAL ÷ As you need to take care of your body and mind, is same way you have to take care of your soul. Spirituality is superior than physical in every measure. What ever functions physically has already been concluded spiritually. Whatever you need on earth is in a man’s hand but if the man’s heart is not yet touched by God (spiritually) to release it to you, you cant have it. You will keep struggling. Spirituality helps you discover your purpose on earth that brings in a true sense of self- discovery and to operate in a unique and pleasant dimension. It is an essential part of living.

Dear reader, Success is not measured by the material things you have or can display but on how effective you are towards the things of life and humanity. Humans are built to serve, some are called to serve the world, community, 50 people within your reach or even family. We are here to serve. The question is , HOW ARE YOU PERFORMING YOUR SERVICES ?

May your upcoming year be a successful one and above all, may you get out of the bed on January 1st and get back to bed on December 31st. And be effective in between the months.