Get the previous 25 actions of a wise woman.☝️

26, They do not have unrealistic expectations from a man.

27, They do not overlook warning signs. Proverb 2:10-11

28, Wise woman avoid rushing to the altar untill they court properly. It is wise to avoid a hasty relationship.

29, A godly wise woman would know that every house is built gradually with wisdom. Proverb 24: 3-4

30, Wise woman avoid saying too much too soon. You need to know if they are ready to handle what they would hear, and if they are ready to also come clean with us.

31, Wise woman do not pretend to be the perfect “proverbs 31” woman. Romans 12:16…The scriptures cannot be broken, the truth in that passage stands but as we see the several abilities of the proverbs 31 woman, we see a mirror of what truly we desire to be, but may not be allowed by time, situations, and challenges of modernity.

32, Wise women do not live in denial, they know and admit when it is over. That is why a wise woman must unlearn to chase after a man but learn to follow after a man.

33, They refuse to display affection before a commitment from the man. Let a man pursue you, and not you pursue him. Learn to be a responder, do not buy love. This practice is still much active till date, if you truly want to enjoy your womanhood and relationship.

34, Wise women refuse to break down because of a broken relationship. 1 Corinthians 16:13. If you are going out with a man, let it be clear and obvious to him and to you that you are still going out. The same with dating and courtship. The engagement needs to be formal, so that each level is clearly defined.

35, Godly women in their wisdom remember that they need a man that will show them honor and treat them always as special. They are attracted to the man who will never downplay their achievements, but rather keep on encouraging them (even when they want to downplay it) until they truly become fulfilled and expressive of what God has done for them.

36, They stay away from despair when there is a delay. Wisdom must prevail in the management of delays, a wise woman must know that delays are never denials, and because it has not happened does not mean it will not happen. It is primarily important that you seek the face of God, and establish His call on your life. If we accept it or not, we need to know that some of us may have been called to a celibate life, and will only find fulfillment within the scope of our calling.

37, Wise women keep believing, trusting and praying to JESUS. They do not just connect with a spouse who would erode their Christian life, if anything, it should enhance it, because they know that whatever reduces their devotion to the LORD may be that which is the beginning of one’s downfall.

38, They do not marry a man who can’t support the family. (1Timothy 5:8). The man is called the bread winner in the scriptures, his function is to provide and protect the family. In his calling as the provider, the wife’s income must be regarded as supplementary.

39, They are wise to say NO in courtship to things they do not want in marriage. (PROVERB 27:5)

40, Wise woman emulate Ruth. Ruth walked in the friendship that is the foundation for a healthy relationship. You can’t live your life in isolation, that is why God surrounds you with people. You must be able to have friends, who will validate you, encourage you and help you to be a WINNER. Healthy relationships are necessary to be a healthy person. Your social contacts are an indication of how you have chosen to make your life work. Difficulties or troubles should not stop you because it doesn’t last for a lifetime.

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