Christmas is the time Christians celebrate the anniversary of the birth of JESUS of Nazareth but some christians still question ,argue and debate on such activity, if its is right or wrong.

Though there is no solid evidence that Jesus Christ was born in December. In fact, the Bible does not mention a date for the birth of Jesus Christ or a date to celebrate His birthday.


In the first three centuries of the existence of christianity, Jesus Christ’s birth was not celebrated at all until at the end of the third century, when the church officials agreed on December 25th as a day to be celebrating the birth of Christ. The first official mention of December 25th as a holiday honouring Jesus Christ’s birthday appears in an early Roman Calendar from 336 A.D.

Yes! with no doubt, the bible didn’t mention the date and month christ was born but the church(Christians) brought out a date for His celebration based on the reference of what happened during His birth which showed that it is during springtime He was birthed. Then the church agreed on such day 25th December. If we are doubting the spring time, why would the shepherds be herding in the middle of winter?

Apart from the season Christ was born, the church officials also chose this day inorder to deny the legitimacy of the celebration of purtians ,the tradition of the pagan saturnalia festival.

Pope Julius 1 chose December 25th inorder to adopt the traditions of the pagan. A date to coincide with existing pagan festivals honouring Saturn(the Roman god of agriculture) and Mithra( the persian god of light), So that they can easily convince saturnalia and the Roman pagans to accept christianity as the empire’s official religion. By the end of the eight century, the celebration of Christmas had spread all the way to Scandinavia. By the middle Ages, Christianity had, for the most part, replaced pagan religion.

So it is the church that came to the conclusion of this date, so any other arguement shouldn’t be necessary. Most of some holidays we observe on earth doesnt mean that the day they assume, doesn’t trully mean the actual birthed day but they concluded on a date and we observe it. When the United Nations brought out days for us to celebrate diseases and affirmatives. Did you argue with them?

Who told you that the day diabetes, cancer, Aids, labour etc. are being celebrated is the day they were really born or came into existence.

As long as it is the church that declared such a beautiful day then our dear GOD will indeed acknowledge it.


DO YOU KNOW that Christmas was first declared a federal holiday in the united states on June 26,1870.

-Christmas tress was first brought to America in the 1800s.

-Christmas trees takes six to eight years to mature.

-The first Christmas trees were brought indoors by 16th century by German Christians, and Martin Luther is credited with placing the first burning candles in Christmas tree to mimic the sparkling stars.

-Do you know that the tallest Christmas tree is believed to be 122-footin Washington.

-Do you know that, the marketing of Christmas tree is still very effective till date. Each year, 30 to 35 million real Christmas trees are sold in the United states alone.

-The idea of electric lights for Christmas tree was initiated by Thomas Edison’s assistants.

-98 percent of all Christmas trees are grown on farms.

-the Christmas tree tradition to the white house was brought by the 14th President, Franklin pierce.

-“Jingle Bells” was originally titled “One Horse Open Sleigh”.

-It is James Lord Pierpont who composed the song “Jingle Bells”.

-The legendary figure of santa claus can be traced back to St. Nicholas, a Turkish-born monk from the third century. Who was known as Sinter Klaas.

-Charles Dickens, the English author created the classic holiday tale, A Christmas carol.

-the National Christmas tree lighting ceremony that is now held every year on the white House lawn is established in 1923, by President Calvin Coolidge.

-Do you know that there was a time the celebration of Christmas stopped a war? Pope Benedict XV called for a temporary ceasefire during a Christmas season on December 7th, 1914, five months into the outburst of fighting, in world war1.

In conclusion, I look forward every year to celebrate JESUS CHRIST on the day we all agreed to celebrate our LORD’S glorious birth… I don’t know about you?