16 – GODLY WOMEN ARE PEOPLE OF LOYALTY AND COMMITMENT. Ruth 1: 16-17 ÷ Loyalty and commitment are higher than mere involvement. Godly women choose their relationship and once they find it they show loyalty and total commitment. A faithful woman is said to abound in blessing, disloyalty will result in betrayal and when you betray others, you might reap the fruit of the seed you have sown.

17 – A GODLY WOMAN HAS AN UNFLINCHING COMMITMENT TO THE LORD. Ruth1:17 ÷ People who are committed to the Lord become amiable; They become accessible to God. God is not looking for a majority but those who are committed to His calling and purpose for their lives.

18 – A WISE WOMAN BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE BASED ON VALUES NOT VALUABLES…. Relationships built on valuables don’t last. Relationships built on valuables has no strenght. Its like building your house upon the sand. It will not be able to stand the storms and the hassles; the elements will tear it apart. When you put value to your relationship, you make marriage work. Putting value to your relationships means improving relationships with people.

19 – WISE WOMEN AVOID BEING TERMINATORS OR DESTROYERS OF THE WARRIOR SPIRIT IN THEIR MAN…Male chauvinism is not right, yet a man by nature is made by God to be a warrior. A wise woman will let the man be the pursuant. She would let him suggest and run around for special occasions. Let him suggest and run around for special occasions. Do not help him to fulfil the romantic blank, let him pursue it and show that he deserves your hand. Do not kill the warrior spirit in him; do not kill the warrior spirit in him; do not deny him the ability to use his potential either. Do not do more for him than he does for you, though it is important that there should be a mutual exchange and love in marriage but let him be the man and you, the woman.

20 – WISE WOMEN ENGAGE THEMSELVES IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP …Ruth walked in the frienship that is a foundation for a healthy relationship. You can’t live your life in isolation, that is why God surrounds you with people. You must be able to have friends, who will validate you, encourage you, and help you to be a WINNER. Healthy relationships are necessary to be practiced by a healthy person. Your social contacts are an indication of how you have chosen to make your life work. Challenges should not stop you because it doesn’t last for ever.

21 – GODLY WOMEN STAND WITH PEOPLE THROUGH THEIR HARD TIMES. RUTH 1:14 ÷ your ability to become a bridge to people’s trouble water, marks you out for distinction.

22 – GODLY WOMEN ARE MARKED BY THEIR ABILITY TO KEEP PROMISES COLOSIANS 3:9 ÷ The true worth of a person is the ability to keep promises. God is only as good as His word. A godly woman will be measured not by her eternals, but by her her internal ability to stay true to the promise she has made.

23 – THEY ATTRACT OUTSTANDING COMPASSION. Godly women move away from the grief of the past. The grief you walk in may ruin the joy you should know. If you are unable to let go of grief, you welcome self – destruct.

24 – A GODLY WOMAN IS WILLING TO SACRIFICE FEMININE PRIDE FOR GENERATIONAL BLESSING. RUTH3:3 ÷ Most women don’t play the most important role a woman needs to play in her “home” marriage. They don’t have time for the children God gave them rather devote much time in pursuit of money, and at last she achieve NOTHING.

25 – GODLY WOMEN ARE MARKED BY THEIR DILIGENCE ÷ Diligence is the quality that would lift you to the level of success. Romans 12:11.

Diligence multiplies God’s grace in you. 2peter 1:5

Diligence exposes the gift and calling of God on your life 2peter1:10

Some people dream of accomplishment, godly women stay up to make it happen.

Diligence protects your heart from contamination. Proverbs 4:23

Infact, diligence is your doorway to prosperity. Proverb 13:4