#6 THEY DON’T FALL FOR A MAN’S STATUS÷ Oftentimes, women fall for already made, money, status and regret later. A man’s status is a product of achievement, it can come and go. Fall in love with a man himself and not what he is within his status.

#7 THEY DON’T CUT ALL OTHER CONTACTS FOR A MAN÷ if you find yourself in this predicament, you need to rethink because doing so is giving up part of yourself. If you are sacrificing all of your desires, dreams, visions and goals to be accepted by a man, then very soon, there will be nothing left for you again to live for. An insecure men always make demands that will ruin their partners.

#8 THEY DO NOT BECOME THE FINANCIER OF A MAN OUT OF DESPERATION ÷ Nothing says one cannot court an unemployed man, but it is important that he proves that he deserve your hand. Do not try to keep a man by financing him. He might just be there for the cash and will still leave when he finds what he want or if you try to buy him.

#9 WISE WOMEN REFUSE MENTAL, PHYSICAL, SEXUAL AND FINANCIAL ABUSE…I TIMOTHY 4:12 ÷ In abusive situations the abuser behaves as if it is your fault or everyone’s fault but not him. All his weaknesses, he regards them as the fault of somebody. He does not accept the fact that he is at fault or needs to work on himself.

#10 THEY DON’T THROW THEMSELVES AT A MAN…PROVERBS 18:22 ÷ A man is suppose to be the finder, the woman is the keeper. Men by nature are hunters, warriors who must seek after what they want. To be bitchy and to pursue a man is to reduce the part of the testimony and joy, you ought to get from him via honour. Be dignified, let your husband love you, let him seek after you. If he sought for you and found you, the chances are that he will keep you and keep honouring you. Carry yourself according to your destiny.

#11 WISE WOMEN AVOID INVOLVEMENT WITH MARRIED MEN÷ Jesus said, we must do to others what we expect them to do for us. If you send out a sound expect an echo. Those who sow the wind must be prepared for a harvest of hurricane. The Bible calls any relationship outside of a marriage a sin but today it is becoming a NORM and we are suffering BIG TIME because of our disobedience. Avoid the danger of being carried away by the promises he has made to you.

#12 THEY ARE WISE ENOUGH NOT TO ALLOW THEIR INSECURITIES DESTROY THEIR FUTURE÷ The things we have gone through in life tend to shape us, and if you have been disappointed by the opposite sex it raises the chances of insecurity. They do not allow the insecurities born out of their experiences to destroy a good thing coming together for them.

#13 WISE WOMAN DO NOT REPLACE A MAN’S MOTHER ÷ It is very frustrating for a man to be treated as if he is still a child. Many women who have probably lived with a child for long, especially single parents, they do not know how to transition from talking to their little boys to now talking to the man who is now their husband.

#14 WISE WOMAN AVOID SEEKING EXPENSIVE GIFTS AS A SIGN OF LOVE AND COMMITMENT ÷ The priority in any relationship must be the heart and not the purse. Whether he takes you out for shopping or to an expensive restaurant , what really matters is not the kind of gift he showers you but the kind of heart from which it comes and the constancy of it. Whatever a man does should be in proportion to the love he shows you and his commitment to you.

#15 THEY ARE WISE ENOUGH NOT TO THROW AWAY A DIAMOND THAT LOOKS ROUGH …EXODUS 16:15… ÷ Inspite of the adage not to judge something by its wrapping, today’s marketing and packaging has influenced our thinking. We buy things purely because of the way they are and how it is being presented to us, and what we are told they can do for us, even when we are not sure. We bring the same philosophy and attitude into our relationships and things that will shape our destiny. We marry men that we know we may not be able to live with simply because we chose to look at how handsome they are. While on the other hand we may meet a man who is a diamond in the rough, by the way, diamonds never look glittering. A diamond was once coal that went through a lot of heat and become a stone in the rough, and chipped until the beauty came out. There is absolutely nothing wrong in liking what you want but firstly do not be carried away by outward looks. Do not be carried away by your critical opinion.