There is always a trace between our character and how successful we are in life. Although there are people who are naturally gifted and favoured but they might still loose out if they have bad character. Character is everything. It is like smoke it cannot be hidden.

Having good character simply means that you have such an admirable traits as honesty, courage and responsibility. So when you notice that people are avoiding you, check yourself very well because there can be a good reasons why people avoid you.

These are the most common reasons…

YOU ARE TOO COMPETITIVE ÷ This insinuates that you spends time looking at what everyone else is doing instead of focusing. You always want to challenge or warm up other people. People naturally avoid this kind of people unless if they are competitive themselves. You dont have to compete with friends and family. Learn to allow them to win if they deserve it .In fact, competing is not a bad thing but if you always want people to submit, loose out or trying to force them to agree. They will start to avoid you and this can make you loose opportunities you could have in life.

YOU ARE TOO NEEDY÷ You are too needy when you always need one or two things from people or you always want to be reassured of your self worth. This might be one of the difficulties or challenges you deal with in your life, get to adjust and make it better for yourself. Everybody struggles with one challenge or another, so learn to deal with yours and stop waiting or wanting people to deal with your challenges for you.

YOU ARE TOO CURIOUS ÷ You are too curious that you ask questions that people doesn’t want to answer. You just ask any questions that comes to your mind without minding whether it is private matter or not. You are too curious about other people’s business. Everyone on earth requires a space at a given time, learn to respect that and stop attacking their personal space.

YOU ARE SELFISH ÷ If you are that person that loves to do everything your own way without considering people around you. This makes people to avoid you because they feel manipulated and insecure around you. They cant communicate with you effectively. You always demand authority, you just tell people how you want it and you aren’t flexible. You loves to take more than you give and uses tactics to do things your own way. Just like a snake, you manipulate and manoeuvre people untill you get what you want.

YOU ARE NOT A LISTENER÷ You are too opinionated. You go around expressing your feelings, ideas without listening to what other people says or thinks. You dont give people chance to speak, you always love to talk over everyone all the time. When people gets tired of your so called “stories” they might not be able to tell you to shut up, they will just avoid you.

YOU ARE JUDGEMENTAL÷ You make habit out of complaining, criticising, and condemning all the time. Fault finding and moral evaluation. When you express yourself in negative ways around people, you are simply pushing people away. They might not necessary tell you what you did, they will just keep you at arms length. Stop being judgemental and learn to advice and appreciate.

YOU ARE DIRTY – MINDED ÷ Are your words considered to be vulgar and sickening. They are always nasty, filled with dirty thoughts and dirty jokes. People especially “clean” people hate such dirty talks, so keeping you at arms length is the best option.

YOU CAN ARGUE ÷ Being argumentative can simply mean that you always want to prove or make your point. You always want to prove people wrong, you want to show that you are smarter than them in most ways. You always make them feel like dumps around you. People hate it when someone is trying to prove them wrong. Sometimes you might have the truth but truth hurts.

“Many people are offended by truth”

And they do not want you to dig into their soul or question them about their goals. Learn to listen and let them finish. Do not put in your logic. If you can do this , you will know people you can argue or debate with and those you cannot debate or argue with.