Depression can be a serious medical illness that negatively affect the way you think, how you feel and how you act. If you are in a state of feeling unhappy without hope for a future then you have to rethink and be positive. You can start now to start creating the future you desire. But if your feelings goes beyond just being unhappy then you need a therapist.

Here are six hidden symptoms of depression…

– TIREDNESS ÷ Although everyone feels tired from time to time but feeling excessively tiredness is a very common symptoms of depression. Do you always feel tired of life or everything? Researchers have stated that 90% of people with depression experience fatigue/ tiredness.

– LACK OF INTEREST ÷ Are you loosing interest on things you like or love doing? The national institute of mental health has indicated that loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities is one of the commonest symptoms of depression. This is first sign that should alert people around you that you are depressed.


According to the National sleep foundation, people with insomnia are 10 times more likely to have depression than those without the condition. There is a strong link between mood and sleep. When one lacks the ability to sleep, depression can easily check in. Also watch out when you sleep too much, it can still be a sign of depression.

EXCESSIVELY ANGRY ÷ Do you get angry over nothing that worths it. Most times people do not associate anger and irritability with depression but these symptoms are always common among those with the condition.

– ALCOHOL OR DRUG USE ÷ Most times people uses alcohol or drugs to cope with their feelings of sadness, loneliness or hopelessness. This is one of the reasons, people are asked to desist from taking these things so that you can know when you are healthy or unhealthy. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADDA) report that in the United States, around 1 in 5 with anxiety or mood disorder like depression, leave on alcohol or substance use disorder.

– SUICIDAL THOUGHTS OR BEHAVIOURS ÷ This is the worst among all. Are you thinking, talking or writing about death or you have a dramatic mood swing? Once you start noticing these signs, seek for help immediately because it can start naturally but leads to spirit of heaviness.

Depression is a mental health condition, which can as well have physical consequences. So when you start feeling some how or these ways, seek for help immediately before it gets severe.