Emmitt R Perry Jr popularly known as tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 13, 1969 to a carpenter father and religious mother. His dad abused him for years that he seek solace through writing upon watching an episode of”THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW ” (1986). At age 16, he changes his name from Emmitt to tyler, simply because he want to stay clear from his abusive father. He later went for DNA to confirm if his abusive father is truly his biological father.

He really passed through a lot in life, that he attempted suicide twice. But today , he is a billionaire, one of the most important people working in all of entertainment today. The first African American actor/ director/ writer/producer to own a studio with no partner or corporate partner .

Here are his top 10 rules…

DON’T STOP BELIEVING# Spend all your energy on a thing if you want to get there without stopping to believe. “A place where even your dreams believe”. Focus on one idea and make it work, that will give birth to others. “If you spread water across many seas, you don’t have as much water for one sea”. Don’t go to so many directions, stick on one. There is this feeling when something is for you, the deep feeling will cause you not to just let it go. It will keep you going even when you can’t keep going.

CHANGE THE THINKING # That things are done this way or that way does not mean it can’t be changed. Learn to bring in new thoughts and ideas.

OWN THE SHOW# You can be born into a lot of nightmare but God can usher you into a dream. Become the best you can be.

LOVE WORKING# All the ideas, strength, powers are born in your uniqueness, what makes you unique is what make you special. You dont have to mold yourself to fit into a system. If you do, you are dulling down all your abilities to change the world.

NEVER DESPISE SMALL BEGINNINGS # There are things that can change the world when it starts from a very little or tiny beginning. Sometimes, people are not suppose to invite, recognize you to the table. You dont need to be angry, you just need to get to know why you are hidden. The great thing about hidden is that you can be underestimated. But still be able to do something that will not just change your past or your life but millions of people, the one’s around you, family and the ones you don’t know. So when you are hidden, it’s not yet your time to be seen. Learn what you can do, work on the part , at this time. At the right time God will reveal your talent to the world.

HAVE FUN# Make the place you love to be or work, to be fun.

BE A STUDENT OF LIFE# Learn to adjust what “if”. Put out good things.

HAVE FAITH# Anything that happened to you can work for your good if you let it be. Tyler said that everything turned around for him when he forgave his father for everything that he did to him and it made him to be writing peace stories. I totally believe in God. It’s all about having faith and praying to God, he said.

BE A POINT OF LIGHT# He described this by telling a story of Mr buttler. He just started a high school and have to work through the drug dealers and grave yards before he gets to school. One day he was approaching the interception. He heard someone saying can someone help me cross the road? Mr buttler was in a suit , standing in a corner and had a cooler in his hand and folded candies and others in one side, he was asking someone to help him to cross over but people ignored him and kept passing with their busy lives. He then told buttler that he will help him, then he was 13years. Mr buttler said to him, thank you my son, may I have your shoulder son? He said yes!…He told him not to trick him this time, Tyler said he won’t.

They crossed the street and he asked him where he is going? He said to his school to sell candies to the kids. When he got there he thanked Tyler and said that God will bless him for his kindness. They now became friends. He said that Mr buttler was one of the man in his life to see him and what made it more special is that he is blind.

There are many people in this world that are wanting, waiting, begging, hoping, asking, saying will someone help me cross? We all have the power to be a point of light.