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Readers are Leaders. “Good” books gives you the chances and opportunities to be very smart and knowledgeable.

Here are list of books that is not just a novel but books that have got powerful stories and practical concepts, and push for critical thinking.


This book highlights a very uncomfortable truth about life. Life is not a bed of roses. There is no way you will not have many roadblocks if you want to create something. Whether it’s procastination, naysayers, laziness, Pressfield helps us to identify the enemy of these enemies and a battle plan to conquer this internal foe.


Eventually, every teen will have to come to terms with suffering and loneliness. This book will give you insight on how to approach even the deepest trials of life. Angelou’s memoir of her childhood is heartbreaking and tragic, but the strength of her spirit will help readers to understand that even at times when things seems impossible you can conquer it if you have really nurtured yourself from inside.


One fact every human can’t escape completely from life is limitations. This book teaches that one needs to set and establish strong boundaries, the wisdom to determine who may touch us and under what circumstances inorder to prevent bad things. As a teen you need to have mental boundaries, the freedoms to express our own thoughts and opinions being able to manage your own feelings and disengage from the manipulative emotions of others.


This book is a gift to a teen girl. It is a rare gift that look directly into the heart and mind of a teen, especially when that teen’s thoughts and feelings are, deep and thoughtful as Anne Frank. The book is a series of writings kept by Anne while she was in hiding for two years with her family during the Nazi Occupation of the Netherlands. The diary reveals an endlessly interesting teenage girl, that traces her development and maturity in the midst of almost unimaginable stress.


A sure book for every teen. This teen handbook, gives insights from the confusion teens faces to the principles every teen needs to apply as you attain adulthood. Teen age is the time of intense uncertainty. A time of many challenges that you can find very hard to fit in , and whom you would love to to become. In this book are tried and inspired ideas that will make you to understand that growing up is a journey, a journey of becoming your very best. It will help you to avoid the pitfalls that can destroy your future and life.


This is the kind of book every teen needs, a book that tells more on facts. It will teach you on how to make good decisions in the midst of demanding and confusing circumstances. The book is packed with teen – friendly humour, and self – improvement book.


Do you want to understand guides to money and personal finances as a teen. This book is the answer you need to know on how to handle money matters, that is very necessary in life. Get to learn about personal debt, credit card interest, compounded interest, mortgages, stocks and bonds, budgeting and other issues that concerns money, which will affect evey day of your adult life.


You can’t exist on earth without people and friends, so getting to win friends and influence people might be the best thing that can favour you more on earth. The book is written since 1936 but still very active till dates. This book will help you as a teen to grow into a person who is winsome, kind, respectful and saavy with other people.


I know most times, people get bored in studying history but history is still important. You need to know the origin of things. Thanks to Kenneth for the humour and super- engaging conversational style he used. You can’t get bored with this book. He explained important events and people in ways that make sense and even discussed the complicated events in US History. You can get yourself prepared by knowing from the past.

These 9 books I listed, are practical books that are applicable to our todays living and lifestyles. Get yourself richly updated.


There is always a trace between our character and how successful we are in life. Although there are people who are naturally gifted and favoured but they might still loose out if they have bad character. Character is everything. It is like smoke it cannot be hidden.

Having good character simply means that you have such an admirable traits as honesty, courage and responsibility. So when you notice that people are avoiding you, check yourself very well because there can be a good reasons why people avoid you.

These are the most common reasons…

YOU ARE TOO COMPETITIVE ÷ This insinuates that you spends time looking at what everyone else is doing instead of focusing. You always want to challenge or warm up other people. People naturally avoid this kind of people unless if they are competitive themselves. You dont have to compete with friends and family. Learn to allow them to win if they deserve it .In fact, competing is not a bad thing but if you always want people to submit, loose out or trying to force them to agree. They will start to avoid you and this can make you loose opportunities you could have in life.

YOU ARE TOO NEEDY÷ You are too needy when you always need one or two things from people or you always want to be reassured of your self worth. This might be one of the difficulties or challenges you deal with in your life, get to adjust and make it better for yourself. Everybody struggles with one challenge or another, so learn to deal with yours and stop waiting or wanting people to deal with your challenges for you.

YOU ARE TOO CURIOUS ÷ You are too curious that you ask questions that people doesn’t want to answer. You just ask any questions that comes to your mind without minding whether it is private matter or not. You are too curious about other people’s business. Everyone on earth requires a space at a given time, learn to respect that and stop attacking their personal space.

YOU ARE SELFISH ÷ If you are that person that loves to do everything your own way without considering people around you. This makes people to avoid you because they feel manipulated and insecure around you. They cant communicate with you effectively. You always demand authority, you just tell people how you want it and you aren’t flexible. You loves to take more than you give and uses tactics to do things your own way. Just like a snake, you manipulate and manoeuvre people untill you get what you want.

YOU ARE NOT A LISTENER÷ You are too opinionated. You go around expressing your feelings, ideas without listening to what other people says or thinks. You dont give people chance to speak, you always love to talk over everyone all the time. When people gets tired of your so called “stories” they might not be able to tell you to shut up, they will just avoid you.

YOU ARE JUDGEMENTAL÷ You make habit out of complaining, criticising, and condemning all the time. Fault finding and moral evaluation. When you express yourself in negative ways around people, you are simply pushing people away. They might not necessary tell you what you did, they will just keep you at arms length. Stop being judgemental and learn to advice and appreciate.

YOU ARE DIRTY – MINDED ÷ Are your words considered to be vulgar and sickening. They are always nasty, filled with dirty thoughts and dirty jokes. People especially “clean” people hate such dirty talks, so keeping you at arms length is the best option.

YOU CAN ARGUE ÷ Being argumentative can simply mean that you always want to prove or make your point. You always want to prove people wrong, you want to show that you are smarter than them in most ways. You always make them feel like dumps around you. People hate it when someone is trying to prove them wrong. Sometimes you might have the truth but truth hurts.

“Many people are offended by truth”

And they do not want you to dig into their soul or question them about their goals. Learn to listen and let them finish. Do not put in your logic. If you can do this , you will know people you can argue or debate with and those you cannot debate or argue with.


Depression can be a serious medical illness that negatively affect the way you think, how you feel and how you act. If you are in a state of feeling unhappy without hope for a future then you have to rethink and be positive. You can start now to start creating the future you desire. But if your feelings goes beyond just being unhappy then you need a therapist.

Here are six hidden symptoms of depression…

– TIREDNESS ÷ Although everyone feels tired from time to time but feeling excessively tiredness is a very common symptoms of depression. Do you always feel tired of life or everything? Researchers have stated that 90% of people with depression experience fatigue/ tiredness.

– LACK OF INTEREST ÷ Are you loosing interest on things you like or love doing? The national institute of mental health has indicated that loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities is one of the commonest symptoms of depression. This is first sign that should alert people around you that you are depressed.


According to the National sleep foundation, people with insomnia are 10 times more likely to have depression than those without the condition. There is a strong link between mood and sleep. When one lacks the ability to sleep, depression can easily check in. Also watch out when you sleep too much, it can still be a sign of depression.

EXCESSIVELY ANGRY ÷ Do you get angry over nothing that worths it. Most times people do not associate anger and irritability with depression but these symptoms are always common among those with the condition.

– ALCOHOL OR DRUG USE ÷ Most times people uses alcohol or drugs to cope with their feelings of sadness, loneliness or hopelessness. This is one of the reasons, people are asked to desist from taking these things so that you can know when you are healthy or unhealthy. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADDA) report that in the United States, around 1 in 5 with anxiety or mood disorder like depression, leave on alcohol or substance use disorder.

– SUICIDAL THOUGHTS OR BEHAVIOURS ÷ This is the worst among all. Are you thinking, talking or writing about death or you have a dramatic mood swing? Once you start noticing these signs, seek for help immediately because it can start naturally but leads to spirit of heaviness.

Depression is a mental health condition, which can as well have physical consequences. So when you start feeling some how or these ways, seek for help immediately before it gets severe.


Are you aware that words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. Words have power and they can shape our lives when we speak, read or hear them. You have every right to choose your words carefully because it can either build you or tear you down.

Here are powerful quotes that can motivate and influence you…

– Do those things you are supposed to do and you will earn your name a favourable place in history.

-The world as we have created is a process of our thinking.

-Igniting your abilities is living according to God’s blueprint for you.

-Give your ability a reasonable responsibility and it will do what it ought to do.

-It is always the simple that produces the marvellous.

-Motivate yourself and you will be a challenge motivating others.

-Everybody wants to be motivated, but only few are challenged. Be a challenger.

-Be challenged by the vast ability lying in the inside of you.

-Great men attack opportunities, they never wait for it to come.

-Opportunities floating around you are enough to motivate you.

-You have a unique and limitless ability that does not exist in another person.

-Failure is an opportunity to start again intelligently.

-Allow your ability to step out of yourself to the pages of history. Failure is not defeat; it is an opportunity you need to capture. Break the hedge by making use of its lessons and you will never be forgotten in history.

-You can’t walk backward into the future, you have gone too far to quit, catch it, it is fear of failure that produces failure. Scrutinize carefully what you have been doing and know if it is in tune with what you were born to do, if it is, do it. Failure can be divided into those who thought and never did and those who did and never thought.

– There is a demand placed on your ability, supply it by Igniting it and you will leave a positive legacy.

-Books and all forms of writing are terror to those who wish to suppress the truth… WOLE SOYINKA

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No one likes to hear or admit that he/she is lazy because that term “lazy” does not have a positive connotation. But there are things that can prove if one is lazy or not. The funniest aspect of being lazy is that we are all prone to acts of laziness but when you indulge in the acts regularly that can easily classify you as a lazy person. When you lack interest in the activity or belief in its efficacy, you are lazy.


Readers are leaders. Reading is one of the most common successful habits people who want to do extraordinary things do on daily, weekly or monthly basis. But lazy people prefer not to make use of their brain rather they sit and watch the movies. That is why they cant finish reading a book, they always stop at a point. Make reading your habit, it will positively impact your life.

Lazy people are experts at blaming people and their environment. They always make excuses like this and forget that there are rich people in poor country and poor people in rich country. Excuses paralysis you from finding a way to solve problem.

Beggars seems to be the laziest people because they have no worldly ambition to do anything or posses anything. All they care about is to eat for living and spend the remaining change on liquor or drugs. There is difference between begging and asking for help. So dont try to get it confused.

I am not saying that you should not check up dates on social media and television. Watching television or being engaged on social media is not act of laziness but laziness comes into it when  your chill time is more than 4hours long and with the suggestion of what to watch next.

This seems to happen to everyone  “putting off work to tomorrow” but when it becomes a habit, you are lazy. If you have dirty clothes to watch, unpaid bills, dirty dishes, or things that need to fix immediately but you are still delaying then you procastinate. If you often leave your work untill the very last minute then you need to adjust before it gets out of hand.

Most times people complain of not being able to sleep at night. The lack of sleep or when you find it difficult to catch sleep, it can simply mean that you hasn’t been challenged today. Your sleeplessness can be sign of laziness. Maybe  you have been doing nothing all day, probably sitting from one sit to the bed, gisting, pressing  phone, watching movies without making the use of the gift of your mind and body.

You need to get rid of those unhealthy habits if you find yourself guilty.

“A farmer who is too lazy to plough his fields at the right time will have nothing to harvest.”
                   PROVERB 20:4


Emmitt R Perry Jr popularly known as tyler Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 13, 1969 to a carpenter father and religious mother. His dad abused him for years that he seek solace through writing upon watching an episode of”THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW ” (1986). At age 16, he changes his name from Emmitt to tyler, simply because he want to stay clear from his abusive father. He later went for DNA to confirm if his abusive father is truly his biological father.

He really passed through a lot in life, that he attempted suicide twice. But today , he is a billionaire, one of the most important people working in all of entertainment today. The first African American actor/ director/ writer/producer to own a studio with no partner or corporate partner .

Here are his top 10 rules…

DON’T STOP BELIEVING# Spend all your energy on a thing if you want to get there without stopping to believe. “A place where even your dreams believe”. Focus on one idea and make it work, that will give birth to others. “If you spread water across many seas, you don’t have as much water for one sea”. Don’t go to so many directions, stick on one. There is this feeling when something is for you, the deep feeling will cause you not to just let it go. It will keep you going even when you can’t keep going.

CHANGE THE THINKING # That things are done this way or that way does not mean it can’t be changed. Learn to bring in new thoughts and ideas.

OWN THE SHOW# You can be born into a lot of nightmare but God can usher you into a dream. Become the best you can be.

LOVE WORKING# All the ideas, strength, powers are born in your uniqueness, what makes you unique is what make you special. You dont have to mold yourself to fit into a system. If you do, you are dulling down all your abilities to change the world.

NEVER DESPISE SMALL BEGINNINGS # There are things that can change the world when it starts from a very little or tiny beginning. Sometimes, people are not suppose to invite, recognize you to the table. You dont need to be angry, you just need to get to know why you are hidden. The great thing about hidden is that you can be underestimated. But still be able to do something that will not just change your past or your life but millions of people, the one’s around you, family and the ones you don’t know. So when you are hidden, it’s not yet your time to be seen. Learn what you can do, work on the part , at this time. At the right time God will reveal your talent to the world.

HAVE FUN# Make the place you love to be or work, to be fun.

BE A STUDENT OF LIFE# Learn to adjust what “if”. Put out good things.

HAVE FAITH# Anything that happened to you can work for your good if you let it be. Tyler said that everything turned around for him when he forgave his father for everything that he did to him and it made him to be writing peace stories. I totally believe in God. It’s all about having faith and praying to God, he said.

BE A POINT OF LIGHT# He described this by telling a story of Mr buttler. He just started a high school and have to work through the drug dealers and grave yards before he gets to school. One day he was approaching the interception. He heard someone saying can someone help me cross the road? Mr buttler was in a suit , standing in a corner and had a cooler in his hand and folded candies and others in one side, he was asking someone to help him to cross over but people ignored him and kept passing with their busy lives. He then told buttler that he will help him, then he was 13years. Mr buttler said to him, thank you my son, may I have your shoulder son? He said yes!…He told him not to trick him this time, Tyler said he won’t.

They crossed the street and he asked him where he is going? He said to his school to sell candies to the kids. When he got there he thanked Tyler and said that God will bless him for his kindness. They now became friends. He said that Mr buttler was one of the man in his life to see him and what made it more special is that he is blind.

There are many people in this world that are wanting, waiting, begging, hoping, asking, saying will someone help me cross? We all have the power to be a point of light.