If you go through many teens social media accounts, you will be like, what is it they are talking about. Though many of this slangs or terms have been around for decades but online spaces have made it more useful and spread more rapidly than ever before.

Slang is language of an informal register. It is a language outside of conventional usage. It is a specialised language of a social group, sometimes used to make what it said unintelligible to those that is not members of the group.

Slangs can be confusing to older generations that is why I feel like bringing this up so that you can understand some statements and what they mean especially to parents that are parenting teens.

Here is a list of some most common slang words used everyday and also trending among teens today.

SLAY : “slay” describes when one look amazing and succeed at something.

Example “Meet daniella mom, Wow! She is a slay mama.

“How do I look?” Dear, you slay.”

CURVE ÷ “Curve” It is a slang or an expression for rejecting or leaving someone romantically or sidestepping their advances.

For Example ÷ When you see hashtag: #curve then your teen is ignoring a boyfriend/girlfriend ‘s text.

THIRSTY ÷ This does not mean you have to give someone water to drink but it indicates that someone is desperately seeking for attention, compliments or approval.

For Example ÷ “Shirley is so thirsty for john, it’s weird. “

“They have been parading in front of us for more than 10times now, they are thirsty.”

CAP, (NO CAP) ÷ To “cap” is to lie about something, whereas “no cap” is to tell the truth( emphasis that they are telling the truth).

EXAMPLE ÷” I am damn serious, no cap.”

“Well, what you just said is the biggest cap ever, why can’t you be real for once.”

STRAIGHT FIRE÷ This is used to refer to something that is really cool and amazing better than all of the rest. It can also mean hot (not in temperature, but as in ” that is hot!” expressed in a positive way.)

EXAMPLE ÷ “that girl is straight fire

“Have you seen the movie, it is straight fire, you need to see it.”

YIKES : “BIG YIKES” is a more intense version of the word “yikes” it refers to something that is so embarrassing.

EXAMPLE ÷ ” I thought my skirt was covered up, not knowing that my zip was zipped down. BIG YIKES.”

“I thought I was alone with Audrey in the house not knowing that Uche I was gisting her about was in the room. YIKES.”

SALTY ÷ Being “salty” simply means that you are bitter, annoyed, unhappy on something that doesn’t make sense.

EXAMPLE÷ “Why are you that salty at him, what did he do?”

SHOOK÷ This is a way to describe that you are emotionally shaken or affected by something. It can be when you are shocked, scared or surprised of something.

EXAMPLE ÷ “I couldn’t believe that chantelle is part of the mess. Am shook.”

FLEX : To flex is a new way to show off and flaunt. Someone flexing their muscles or belongings.

EXAMPLE : Big flex, I just got a brand new car.

PERIODT : “Periodt” this is a word you can use to end a statement or sentence, just to emphasis on a point that it has been made. An intense version of “period.”

For EXAMPLE: “You have to keep yourself neat first before calling her pig periodt.”

LIT: “LIT” is an adjective that describes when something is amazing, great, exciting. When something happens that is really, really good. It can as well use when someone is intoxicated or drunk.

“The party was lit.”

“Nicole birthday bash was way too lit, her parents really made her day.”

LOWKEY/ HIGHKEY: “Lowkey” means when you want to keep something on a down low, secretly, modestly, discretely. It is the opposite of “highkey” for when you are sincerely into something (a way to describe something you really want to emphasis).

EXAMPLE : “I highkey can’t wait to visit Audrey, I always enjoy her company. “

“I lowkey can’t wait to visit my friends.” (not that Am mentioning it to my mom).

“I want to celebrate my 19th birthday in a Lowkey.”

STAN : “Stan” originated from an Eminem song of same name. It is an overzealous and obsessive fan, meaning to be that kind of fan. It is a tame support of a person or a cause.

EXAMPLE ÷ “I stan pretty hard for Beyounce.”

TEA: “Tea” is a gossip, “spilling the tea” is the act of the gossip, “tea” is an agreement to a point, then “sip tea” is to mind your business.

EXAMPLE; “Spill the tea, what did she tell you?”

“The party was fire, here is the tea.”

“They said, she is the finest in our class, Tea.”

“Do you know what kevin said? Sip tea.”

EXTRA: “Extra” is to be unnecessary dramatic, when someone or something is too much, over the top.

EXAMPLE : “She was every where at the party, she is so extra.”

SNATCHED : The word “snatched” can be defined in two ways, It can be compliment to someone that is wearing something that is very fashionable or has a look that looks really good and also when one support an insult against someone who has lost an arguement .

EXAMPLE : “Shirley outfit is snatched, she look so good. “

“I can’t believe that people like you still exist, you are so ignorant of facts. Why would you support that motion. Oops, snatched. “

LMIRL ÷ This is an acronym used in communicating via texting.

LMIRL means Let’s Meet In Real Life

POS means Parents Over Me.(teens usually use this acronym to alert his friend that his parents is around him while they are chatting)

53X means Sex…

And lots more…

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