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When you think of a wise woman, you are about to meet a great personality. A wise woman is disciplined, she got a lot of characteristics that are engaging and admired.

The Bible exalts strong, capable and wise women! Does that statement surprise you? Think of the female heroine of the Bible. You can start from Ruth, Abigail, Mary the mother of Jesus.

A wise woman is guided by wisdom, how much wisdom someone has is an essential part of their Psychological profile and remains constant through their life.


1# They avoid having babies for the wrong reasons.

I am not hear to preach but it is heartbreaking and painful seeing what infants are passing through today because some women brought them to the world. It is foolish to yank commitment from a man using pregnancy. God wants you to have children, but they should be for signs and wonders. And if a man wants to have a sexual relationship with you, the fear of not having the safest sex out of wedlock should not just be why you say no but the fear of having babies as well. Help these children.

“No one born out of wedlock or any descendant of such a person, even in the tenth generation, may be included among the LORD’S people. DEUTERONOMY 23:2,

PSALM 127:3-5

2# They avoid the “I can’t help it syndrome.

Men and women handle emotions differently. While a woman processes information firstly with the right side of her brain, the side of emotion and later with the left side of the logic. But a man starts with logic first and then emotion, and men does not properly handle his emotions the way a woman will or does.

3# They don’t lower their standards and sell themselves cheap

Why would a woman sell herself cheap when she only has one life? Sexual impurity is the number one trap that satan will set before you whether you like or not. Do not cheapen yourself. Scarcity makes a commodity expensive, rarity increase the price of a thing, where there is an over supply, price falls. Raise the standard of the life you live. There is only one you that is why whoever should have your hand, should truly deserve it. 2PETER 1:3-4

4# They don’t dress to seduce.

Clothing are supposed to be primarily to cover nakedness, as social beings, to express our beauty, to relate to our world and be acceptable to those around us. When your man begins to suggest clothes that are indecent, it is not helpful when he is turning you to a play thing. You must be wise enough to refuse the “come and get me” clothes. The man who cannot say I love you when you are in old sweaters is dangerous. Men who prefer suggestive indecent clothings for you are actually fulfilling a fantasy through you. Go out there and enhance your beauty, portray decorum, be attractive. Attractions and attention are not the same thing.

5# They don’t get into unwise submission

Don’t fill his inactivity with your own action,do not fill his separation with your love. You should be in submission but it is only to those things that honour God. Ask yourself and list what ways the Bible teaches you to submit. Let him know you expect him to talk and let him love you tenderly.

” Surely you know that when you surrender yourself as slaves to obey someone, you are in fact the slaves of the master you obey- of sin, which results in death, or of obedience, which results in being put right with God.” ROMANS 6:16


To be continued…

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Time have changed and looking good is a good business nowadays. Looking good does not only make you feel good but also help you boost your self esteem. If you are this teen that fashion counts in your life and you love to look unique in a simple way then you are a fashion star in making and this post is for you.

Rich teen empire is here to help you maximise your style and impact you on how to display them. It is not only adults that make things matter in fashion world, today’s teen contribute as well.

Here are 30 cute outfits you should have in mind or look out for, while shopping.

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It is heartbreaking and irritating seeing what is going on around us today especially the outrageous attitudes being displayed by parents. Its alarming.

What could be your excuse as a parent that most ill attitudes your child(ren) display are learnt from you? Why can’t you help your child(ren) to atleast be productive and sensible.

Most parents are victims in building their child(ren)’s mental strength . They don’t want to leave their comfort zones inorder to help them fit into the equation and help them beat the odds of obtaining a mental illness at some point in their life.

What does it mean to to be mentally strong?

This involves developing daily habits that build mental muscle, giving up bad habits that hold you back. You don’t have to lack in judgement and good sense. Mentally strong people feel fear and face difficulties but it doesn’t stop them from moving forward or doing what they ought or suppose to do.

Let’s talk about how you can implement this in parenting and help your child(ren) to cope in this mentally challenging world.

Policing or sheltering your child(ren) more won’t fix the problem instead build and equip them to be able to face the world and all of its confusion with you by their side.


You don’t have to always cover up for your child(ren) in other to always make them feel good. You want to give your child(ren) what they need and hates to see them struggle with something but it is not really helping out. Most times parents forget that hardship and failure are part of life. Life is not a bed of roses, so instead of keeping them from everything, allow them to use their skills and ideas to face things out while you are by their side.


Give your child(ren an equal vote in important family matters when you want to change or do something. Value their opinions but do not give your child(ren) power over you. It is good to carry on your child(ren) along with decision making at home but let them contribute and not to dictate. You will loose out completely if you allow your child to dictate what happens in the home. Mentally strong parents empower their children to make appropriate choices while maintaining a clear hierarchy.


Most parents bring in house helpers whereas they have a child who is of the same age with the helper thinking they are doing their child(ren) good. They send the helper almost all the house chores without noticing that they are just preparing and training the helper better off that their own child(ren)


It is still okay to reassure your child that everything will work out well when they have self negative-talk but you don’t need to make your child dependent on you when countering negative self-talk. Allow them to respond to the self-doubt talk on their own. Resist the urge to bail your child(ren out from a problem instead encourage and guard them on how to “argue the opposite” themselves and develop their own solutions.


Learn not to stand in between your child(ren’s and natural consequences. Allow them to build their mental muscles by simply getting out of the way for them to flex their muscles on their own and deal the aftermath when they don’t succeed because we will not always succeed. Natural consequences can be some of life’s greatest teachers, help them choose solution. Let your child know that it is important to take care of their mind as they take care of their body, bath, brush their teeth and wear good things.


High expectations are good towards your children but setting the bar too high can backfire. Help your child aim for big goals but they must be realistic. Let them think realistically.


You don’t have to support your child(ren when the are being punished for doing wrong. Call a spade a spade and stick to your limits. You don’t have to give your child what he/she wants when they misbehave. Most times parents give in by using this normal words “take ! Let me rest” but it will not help issues because you are indirectly telling your child(ren that misbehaving is an effective way to get their needs met.


When you cultivate moral sense in the life of your child(ren you will also have rest of mind as a parent because this is the only force that can prevent your child from using devil as an excuse for indulging in an evil act. Do not forget that your child(ren emulate or copy from you. What kind of life are you living as a parent?

While building mental strength on yourself or children, learn to differentiate being strong from acting tough. The two dosent mean the same thing. Denying pain or refusing to show emotions isn’t strength.

Mental strength involves becoming your best self. It is about having the ability to stay strong, and function well,on the face of doubt, anxiety, uncertainties that are outside of your control.

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If you go through many teens social media accounts, you will be like, what is it they are talking about. Though many of this slangs or terms have been around for decades but online spaces have made it more useful and spread more rapidly than ever before.

Slang is language of an informal register. It is a language outside of conventional usage. It is a specialised language of a social group, sometimes used to make what it said unintelligible to those that is not members of the group.

Slangs can be confusing to older generations that is why I feel like bringing this up so that you can understand some statements and what they mean especially to parents that are parenting teens.

Here is a list of some most common slang words used everyday and also trending among teens today.

SLAY : “slay” describes when one look amazing and succeed at something.

Example “Meet daniella mom, Wow! She is a slay mama.

“How do I look?” Dear, you slay.”

CURVE √∑ “Curve” It is a slang or an expression for rejecting or leaving someone romantically or sidestepping their advances.

For Example √∑ When you see hashtag: #curve then your teen is ignoring a boyfriend/girlfriend ‘s text.

THIRSTY √∑ This does not mean you have to give someone water to drink but it indicates that someone is desperately seeking for attention, compliments or approval.

For Example √∑ “Shirley is so thirsty for john, it’s weird. “

“They have been parading in front of us for more than 10times now, they are thirsty.”

CAP, (NO CAP) √∑ To “cap” is to lie about something, whereas “no cap” is to tell the truth( emphasis that they are telling the truth).

EXAMPLE √∑” I am damn serious, no cap.”

“Well, what you just said is the biggest cap ever, why can’t you be real for once.”

STRAIGHT FIRE√∑ This is used to refer to something that is really cool and amazing better than all of the rest. It can also mean hot (not in temperature, but as in ” that is hot!” expressed in a positive way.)

EXAMPLE √∑ “that girl is straight fire

“Have you seen the movie, it is straight fire, you need to see it.”

YIKES : “BIG YIKES” is a more intense version of the word “yikes” it refers to something that is so embarrassing.

EXAMPLE √∑ ” I thought my skirt was covered up, not knowing that my zip was zipped down. BIG YIKES.”

“I thought I was alone with Audrey in the house not knowing that Uche I was gisting her about was in the room. YIKES.”

SALTY √∑ Being “salty” simply means that you are bitter, annoyed, unhappy on something that doesn’t make sense.

EXAMPLE√∑ “Why are you that salty at him, what did he do?”

SHOOK√∑ This is a way to describe that you are emotionally shaken or affected by something. It can be when you are shocked, scared or surprised of something.

EXAMPLE √∑ “I couldn’t believe that chantelle is part of the mess. Am shook.”

FLEX : To flex is a new way to show off and flaunt. Someone flexing their muscles or belongings.

EXAMPLE : Big flex, I just got a brand new car.

PERIODT : “Periodt” this is a word you can use to end a statement or sentence, just to emphasis on a point that it has been made. An intense version of “period.”

For EXAMPLE: “You have to keep yourself neat first before calling her pig periodt.”

LIT: “LIT” is an adjective that describes when something is amazing, great, exciting. When something happens that is really, really good. It can as well use when someone is intoxicated or drunk.

“The party was lit.”

“Nicole birthday bash was way too lit, her parents really made her day.”

LOWKEY/ HIGHKEY: “Lowkey” means when you want to keep something on a down low, secretly, modestly, discretely. It is the opposite of “highkey” for when you are sincerely into something (a way to describe something you really want to emphasis).

EXAMPLE : “I highkey can’t wait to visit Audrey, I always enjoy her company. “

“I lowkey can’t wait to visit my friends.” (not that Am mentioning it to my mom).

“I want to celebrate my 19th birthday in a Lowkey.”

STAN : “Stan” originated from an Eminem song of same name. It is an overzealous and obsessive fan, meaning to be that kind of fan. It is a tame support of a person or a cause.

EXAMPLE √∑ “I stan pretty hard for Beyounce.”

TEA: “Tea” is a gossip, “spilling the tea” is the act of the gossip, “tea” is an agreement to a point, then “sip tea” is to mind your business.

EXAMPLE; “Spill the tea, what did she tell you?”

“The party was fire, here is the tea.”

“They said, she is the finest in our class, Tea.”

“Do you know what kevin said? Sip tea.”

EXTRA: “Extra” is to be unnecessary dramatic, when someone or something is too much, over the top.

EXAMPLE : “She was every where at the party, she is so extra.”

SNATCHED : The word “snatched” can be defined in two ways, It can be compliment to someone that is wearing something that is very fashionable or has a look that looks really good and also when one support an insult against someone who has lost an arguement .

EXAMPLE : “Shirley outfit is snatched, she look so good. “

“I can’t believe that people like you still exist, you are so ignorant of facts. Why would you support that motion. Oops, snatched. “

LMIRL √∑ This is an acronym used in communicating via texting.

LMIRL means Let’s Meet In Real Life

POS means Parents Over Me.(teens usually use this acronym to alert his friend that his parents is around him while they are chatting)

53X means Sex…

And lots more…

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