This is your life, you are the driver. So get out of a passenger seat and start taking control of your decisions and life.

– Live every moment to the absolute fullness. You only have many days on earth, so make the effort to live the best life ever.

– Give yourself room for improvement and multiple chances. You are a human and bound to make mistakes here and now (not necessary silly mistakes). So understand you are imperfect. You are a perfectly imperfect person.

– Take care of your body, take good care of it and be proud of it. Your body is your dear temple, so take care of it, own who you are and be proud.

-Pursue your dreams and let nothing stand in your way. Do not let other small imagination and negativity keep you from following your dreams. Just ignore them and find a new support system. Say “YES” to new opportunities that will help you to grow. This goes hand in hand while following your dreams.

FACTS÷ Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear. Life is about going beyound your comfort zone, for that is the only way to grow.

– Never underestimate your worth and never settle for less than she deserves. You are worth more than you could ever imagine.

-Have patience and love towards you and others. Use your story and voice to inspire others. Your life is your story, so use it to inspire others. It does not matter how many mistakes you’ve made in the past, for it’s how you brought yourself out of them that counts.

-Count your blessings everyday and keep a positive attitude. When you see how blessed you are,you will start loving your life and be okay with where you are.

-Be 100%true to yourself and to the world. You are such a gift to the world. Do not spoil it or cut it short by trying to destroy yourself or trying to be someone else.

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