Age does not necessarily mean wisdom, but you can’t help but learn a thing or two along the way(especially if you spend your time writing and researching about facts).

Life is too short to waste on iffy/unserious man. Stop making excuses for men. Adopt the “he/she is just not that into you”. Philosophy that says if he is interested, he will be interested. Don’t kid yourself.

Bad boys/girls are mostly idiots who happen to be good looking enough to get away with bad behaviour. Fun.

Nice ones aren’t boring. Don’t mistake drama for love. Rollercoaster high and low aren’t passion, they are sign of incompatibility. Calm is cool.

Jealousy won’t stop people from cheating on you or leaving you, it encourages it. Who wants to live with someone who is always suspicious of their every move. So annoying.

Stop expecting love to look like what you thought it would look like. Who you end up with will probably look and be nothing less like what you imagined. Give people a chance. The package might be different or totally different from the content .

His relationship with his mother will tell you most of what you need to know. If they get on well and he has cut the apron strings, it is looking good. But if it is a messy mix of hatred, resentment and co-dependence, get out of there because you are not going to be invited in or treated better.

Relationship aren’t EVERYTHING. You don’t just get love only from a partner. Close friendships, family, pets, career, books, box-sets,travel, food and wine all give us pleasure.

LOVE💞 isn’t enough. You also need good communication skills, empathy, a desire for it to work and the flexibility to mould yourself around each other for love to work long term.

If you are trying really hard and it still isn’t working then you are in the wrong relationship. I the founder RICHTEENEMPIRE always advice to decode “this” before getting committed and bringing forth child(ren).

You won’t find the right relationship until you are ready for it. If you are bitter, cynical, too vulnerable, heartbroken or really messed up in anyway, take a break. You will subconsciously sabotage everything you touch. You are advised not to jump into one yet, take your time and make sure you are healed.

If you have split up and got back together more than several times, you are incompatible. You are being drawn back for reasons other than love.

Be careful of what you wish for as adults. We all try to recreate the over riding feeling we felt during childhood.

Nothing is less attractive than desperation. See what is really there, not what you want to see.

Change for good. The definition of stupidity is repeating the same experiment and expecting a different result.if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always got.

Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Then be watching your back.

Do not tell people what you don’t want them to do. Tell them what you want them to do and you will get results. The man who cleans out your account, walks out when the going gets tough, belittle you with proud is just as bad as a cheater.

If you don’t do anything apart , you will have nothing to talk about when you are together.

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