Pimples also called acne, can be worked on. You can reduce their severity and keep them in check. Acne/pimples are being triggered by androgen hormones and in some cases are genetic. Acne can occur anywhere on the skin but most times the face suffers most.

Here are some tips that can help you keep it in check and prevent acne from denting your looks.

Don’t pop your pimples

This helps in managing pimples and containing them and reduce how long they stay around.

Try not to touch your face

Learn to watch your hands regularly as hand encounter bacteria and grime constantly throughout the day. When you touch your face with such hands such impurities may get transferred to your skin. Try to touch your face as little as you can.

Drink enough water

When you dont take enough water your skin gets dull appearance and promotes inflammation and redness. Drink atleast eight8- ounce glasses of water each day.

Eat a balanced diet

Junk food is a NO! NO!

Try as much as you can to stop taking it. According to a 2010 review. Eating a high glycemic diet may cause acne. Balanced diet may help zap pimples fast or prevent them the first place.

Give your body the sleep it needs

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, research has shown that when you are stressed, your body produces more oil-stimulating hormones. Help your body take back all that is lost.

Stay out of the sun

Limit your time in the Sun especially between the hour of 10am and 4pm and learn to wear protection.