First and foremost, maintain a positive attitude. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and try to always stay positive. Surround yourself with positive minds.

Learn to balance your diet well. Do not skip meals ,feed well.

Alcohol and Caffeine can trigger panic, attacks and anxiety. Learn to limit the quantity you consume.

Welcome humour. Smile is and will always be the best medicine.

Get enough sleep. Your body needs additional sleep and rest.

Get yourself involved. It can be a community or church service. It will engage you and keep you away from unnecessary worries.

Exercise daily. It helps you to feel good and maintain a good health.

Self care. Take good care of yourself, love yourself dearly. Take 20 – 30 minutes every day, actively and intentionally doing something to maintain your mental health. Talk to someone about how you feel and what disturbs you. Tell a trusted family and friends and know how they can help. It is still very okay to talk to a therapist for professional help, get a care provider who listens and whom you can trust to make sure you get the help.